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December 26, 2013, 03:04:54 PM
New Mix Download: As Featured in Thisisprogressive.com This Month

Thisisprogressive.com has featured this mix of mine, please check it out, melodic house, tech house, techno and progressive.

http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e22/djsamer/ScreenShot2013-12-26at94952AM_zps9d9d28c0.png (https://soundcloud.com/this-is-progresssive/this-is-progressive-095-dj)

To Listen or Download the mix on Soundcloud, please click here. (https://soundcloud.com/this-is-progresssive/this-is-progressive-095-dj)


1) DJ Samer & DJ*B “Groove Tool” (Ri9or Vocal Remix) Pangea
2) Chaim (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=427) “Orion Skies” (Original Mix) Supplement Facts
3) Ridgewalkers & Full Funktion “Kharma” (Lank (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=209) Remix) White Label Recordings
4) Eelke Kleijn (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=119) “Eenvoud” (Original Mix) Fever
5) Frankie Watch “Geiri” (Original Mix) DFloor Records
6) Tapesh (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=1556) “Generation” (Hot Since 82 (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=1715) Remix) Warung Records
7) Willy Real & Lox D “Against The Time” (Microtrauma Remix) Grrreat Recordings
8) Max Iborquiza “Rhythm Server” (DJ Samer & DJ*B Remix) Rezongar Music
9) The Japanese Popstars (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=1836) “Out Of Nowhere” (The Japanese Popstars (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=1836) Remix) Bedrock
10) L’Amour en Fruite “Dance With Me” (Martin Garcia (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=112) Remix) Looq Records
11) Ricky Ryan (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=240) “Mess Monster” (Lank (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=209) Remix) Avangardia

Thank you to all the labels and artists for their support!

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Upcoming Releases

**Coming Soon** DJ Samer & DJ B "Groove Tool" EP (The Remixes) on Pangea Recordings inc. Sean McClellan, Big Al, Yuriy From Russia, and Ri9or Vocal Remixes!

**Coming Soon** Beat Factory “His Breath” (DJ Samer & DJ B Remix) Baroque Records, March 2014

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