View Full Version : Sasha Live at Cream, Liverpool 14th Feb 1998

Jay Robinson
November 24, 2014, 07:16:05 PM
http://www.mixcloud.com/jaymassive/sasha-live-cream-liverpool-14th-feb-1998/ (http://www.mixcloud.com/jaymassive/sasha-live-cream-liverpool-14th-feb-1998/)

Hi all,

A treat for all you late 90s Sasha (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=5) fans, I recently re-found this in my collection, having initially thought it was long gone due to various house moves. Anyhow, before i crack on - let me assure you that this is 100% genuine, I was actually there on the night so can confirm it's him. A contact of mine gave me the recording whilst I was working at Oxford's Massive Records in the late 90s..

I've filled in most of the t/list, the IDs are frustrating as i've had the majority at some point or another but have forgotten their names..


1) Cardigans - Your New Cuckoo (Ian Pooley (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=362)'s Super Stereo Mix)
2) Tilt - Seduction of Orpheus
3) Nalin & Kane - Talkin' About
4) Nalin & Kane - Talkin' About (Bruce Norris Club Mix)
5) Fathers of Sound - Waters (F.O.S. Untouchable Dub)
6) ?ID
7) ?ID
8) Miro - Paradise (Red Jerry's Longdubbyvocal Mix)
9) Pilgrimage - Land of Ecstasy (Junior Vasquez (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=1190) Remix)
10) World Tour - Chopper
11) Junk Project - Composure
12) Kobyashi - Release (Dub Mix)
13) Three Drives on a Vinyl - Greece 2000
15) Marco Zaffarano - The Band
16) Taucher (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=843) - Waters (Forth's Secrets of the Deep)
17) Pako - Steel Blue
18) Arrakis - Medusa (Part Two)
19) Arrakis - Medusa (Part One)?
20) Track is by Ylem although I'm not sure which one (I had it and sold it)
21) ? ID - Have a feeling this is on Green Recordings
22) ?ID
23) ?ID
24) Dea-Li - Calling the Angels (DJ Tacuher Club Remix)
25) Quietman - The Sleeper (Man With No Name (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=838) Remix)
26) Binary Finary - 1998
27) Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive (Andy Ling Remix)
28) Sasha (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=5) - Rabbitweed
29) Jez & Choopie - Yim (Hybrid (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=122)'s Sunrise Remix)
30) BT - Flaming June (Chicane Remix)

last tune - Alanis Morisette - Forgive Me (Hybrid (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=122) Remix)