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June 19, 2008, 02:09:04 PM
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This month I bring to you an exclusive mix from Ryan Hanson. He was featured on my show once before when we resided on MercurySessions, but looking forward he has put together another great mix for me and you. This is an unofficial MercuryRising spot, so that may explain the odd number. Ryan has been making mixes almost exclusively for me for the last year or so, so as a display of respect and thanks to him, he gets his own spot on my show this month. Enjoy!

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Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Ryan Hansonís sets are handcrafted works, composed over a matter of several weeks. Through the use of Ableton songs are chopped, layered, rearranged, and often incorporated with contemporary mass-market media to create a progressive beat-oriented audio experience. Quicksilver2, being the second MercuryRising session produced by Hanson, leans towards a low-slung, push-laden sound stretching itself through moments of minimal and techno into progressive, pop, tech-house, and breaks. Please enjoy loudly.

Quicksilver2 Tracklisting (in order of appearance)

GME and Ceasar K- Those Boring Details (Original Mix) Vibe Lebanon Records
Ahmet Sisman- Lessizmore (Hiyan Original Mix)
Jerome Sydenham- Ebian (Original Mix) Ibadab Records
Radiohead- Everything In Itís Right Place (Original Mix) Capital Records
George Delkos- Deftoner (Original Mix) Dezign Music
Nair- All About House Music (Funkagendas Night At The Fac Mix) Nair Music
System 7- Space Bird (Dubfire Remix) A-Wave Records
Booka Shade- City Tales (Neon Dub)
Elon- Noose (Original Mix) Clink
Poxymusic feat Gina Mitchell- War Paint (Claude VonStroke Remix) Hussle Recordings
Martin Eyerer- Furthermore (Original Mix) Kling Klong
Fabrizio Maurizi- Before The Wind (Original Mix) Minus
Elite Forge- Kinetic Connection (Rogue Element Mix) U&A Recordings
M.O.D.E.- Hot Flush (Deepgroove Remix) Mode Records
Blank and Jones feat Vanessa Daou- Manifesto (Original Mix) Soundcolours
Sultan and Ned Shepard feat Kuba Oms- Jeopardy (Original Mix) Shinichi
Radiohead- Fade Out (Street Spirit) (Original Mix) Capital Records

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(ps: part 2 from my new years eve set will be up soon)

June 19, 2008, 02:17:32 PM
nice ! :RockOn:
I can`t wait to hear it ......... looking forward to part 2 of new years eve set too !