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  • Balance 018: NICK WARREN !!!

    How exciting!!

    The Balance Series is renowned for being one of the most consistent and trusted compilation series on offer, with each new installment being eagerly awaited and heavily hyped, before and after it’s arrival.
    Following on from Timo Maas’ 2 disc Balance 017 mix, which was released last October, is Nick Warren, stepping in for the 18th edition of this lauded series. Nick is somewhat of a legend in the Dj world and his solo productions along with those of his collaborative project Way Out West are of an increasingly high standard and testament to his passion and experience.
    Warren has taken a ‘less is more’ approach with this 2 disc compilation, molding his long-time love of melodic and progressive sounds with his new-found ‘imaginative techno’ affair. “This album treads a techier and deeper path while sticking to my template of sourcing music from every corner of the globe, once more finding some new and exciting producers” he explains.
    Rather then the tracklist reading like a who’s who’s and what’s hot, Nick’s musical maturity shines through and hopefully you’ll be left inspired, educated and fulfilled, which is how most other Balance mixes leave you feeling.

    Release Date:
    Australia/Asia: 15th April
    UK/Europe: 25th April
    Nth America: 26th April

    Label: Balance Music

    Tracklist: Balance 018: Nick Warren
    01. Ormatie - Only
    02. Spieltape feat. Shamil - Morning Paper
    03. Underset - Berlin
    04. Fiord - The Tribe Has Spoken
    05. Paul Hazendonk - My Addiction
    06. Eelke Kleijn - Monkey Movin'
    07. Jamie Anderson And Owain K - Without Sound
    08. Nick Warren – Buenos Aires (Terry Lee Brown Jnr Mix)
    09. Nomad in the Dark - Drones (Send me)
    10. Franck Orff - Hibiscus
    11. Giorgos Gatzigristos - Tickless
    01. Tripswitch - Collider (Nick Warren Mix)
    02. Julio Largente - Darkened Underpass
    03. Beat Factory featuring Stamina – Let’s Take a Walk
    04. Lank - Ain't No Problem
    05. Yamil Colucci - Bristol Warm
    06. Victoria R - Cosmos
    07. Solee - Aragorn
    08. Steve Mill - Someday
    09. Steven Libby - 80D Test
    10. Nick Warren - Flowers (Solee Remix)
    11. Pablo Acenso - Bread

    And look at our very own NID

    Have to say I love the auto tag thing
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Balance 018: NICK WARREN !!! started by DIDI View original post
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