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  • Mercuryserver 9th birthday (2011)


    Happy Birthday [ms],

    Another 12 months have gone by and ms continues to trudge on. With MCast still going strong and picklemonkey now laying out an entirely new and software based progression of the site, which while not appreciated enough, has NOT gone unnoticed and is definitely bringing a new face and features to the site. Thanks Adam, I for one really love what you're doing and the vision you hold.

    [ms] continues on no matter the ups and downs we have faced. We have faced financial challenges, changing and increasingly busier work schedules for management, wider array of people and mindsets mingle within the "usual bunch", agree/disagree/fight and troll out threads just to keep the bickering going. But we all come back fro more of the same, which is what unites us efriends on here.

    We also have had new team members join us and the older folks come back to re-unite, to enjoy the good times, an abundance of music and parties and hopefully many more in the years ahead. For all that it's been worth over the last 9 years, I thank everyone on here for being a part of it in the past, and for unreservedly being a part of our coming future.

    Viva la [ms]

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Mercuryserver 9th birthday (2011) started by Kamal View original post
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    1. macca76's Avatar
      macca76 -
      I don't suppose a certain Mr Cattaneo has done us a cheeky little mix....?
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