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  • Vapour Recordings 100th Release

    Vapour Recordings 100th Release [Coming soon)

    OFFICIAL TRACK LIST (Release locked in for July)

    Luis Junior - (Monaque - You Cant Stop Me)
    Guy J - (Infusion Love & Imitation)
    Barry Jamieson - (Kasey Taylor - Similarity)
    Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia - (Luke Chable Shepherd)
    Jamie Stevens & Steve Ward (Dousk - Hammer)
    Nick Warren (Dousk Blender)
    Roger Martinez - (Dousk Estrange)
    Rodskeez (Dousk Dirty Teeth)
    Dousk - (Claus Von Klunk - Fandango)
    Luke Chable - (Roger Martinez - Discovery)
    Peter Gun (Kassey Voorn - A Hard Place)
    Karlos Elizondo & Ramiro Puente - (Kasey Taylor - Vamusa)
    Rodskeez (Dousk Dirty Teeth)
    Fiord (Kasey Taylor Simplicity)
    Kassey Voorn (Nick Muir Airtight)
    Chris Fortier (Neil Quigley Illusion)
    Kasey Taylor (Dousk - Snowcone, Nails & Estrange)
    John-e - (Made to Move - Panoramic)
    Solead (Dousk Port 60)
    Chloe Harris (Ocean Wave - Clearwater)
    Ricky Ryan & Ucleden (Dousk Keep Your Nose)
    Manuel Sofia & Mario Khan (Triangle One)
    Arjun Vagale (Jalebee Cartel) (Bluephaze - What is Music?)
    Murat Uncuoglu (Avilo Easy 15)
    C-Jay (Dousk - Buncombe)
    Logiztik Sounds (Dousk - Donut Drama)
    Chris Mozio & Nikko.Z - (MOS - Difficult Emotions)
    Tash (Dousk Blender)

    Really interesting tracklist here. Some great producers. This is something I am dying to hear !!

    Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia - (Luke Chable Shepherd)

    One of my all time favourites, and one of my best memories revolves around this track. !!
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Vapour Recordings 100th Release started by DIDI View original post
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