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  • We are getting a new comp From Hernan !!!

    "When we last spoke to you, you were preparing for the release of the third Masters Series volume. Are there any mix compilations or significant releases coming up for you this time?
    I just finished the work for my next Renaissance compilation, coming out in the summer. I followed the path of the last masters and produced more than half of the CD with my friends Soundexile, John Tonks and Martin Garcia, so we are getting closer to what an artist album will be some day.
    Also, the first CD goes at around 105 BPM so itís completely different to the previous ones, but keeps those elements I like in electronic music: melody and grooves. Then, of course Iíve been busy working for my digital label Sudbeat and there are loads of exciting new tracks are remixes coming your way soon."
    This article was originally published in forum thread: We are getting a new comp From Hernan !!! started by DIDI View original post
    Comments 9 Comments
    1. Feliti's Avatar
      Feliti -
      Just awesome, canīt wait
      Also, the first CD goes at around 105 BPM so it’s completely different to the previous ones,

      Thanks for the news DIDI
    1. simonr's Avatar
      simonr -
      Hernan never disappoints

      V much looking forward to this.
    1. NID's Avatar
      NID -
      I just found out about this too. Should be good.
    1. Mike de Witte's Avatar
      Mike de Witte -
      Hmmm, i can't wait for the release....
    1. DIDI's Avatar
      DIDI -
      I'm really confused now
    1. arielus's Avatar
      arielus -
      why DIDI?
    1. DIDI's Avatar
      DIDI -
      Quote Originally Posted by arielus View Post
      why DIDI?
      Was just the new format I think I have worked it out now. My brain wasn't working too well last week

      Btw that guy got his renaissance cover art signed tonight
    1. dodsy87's Avatar
      dodsy87 -
      Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! Id say it will be sequential 3
    1. !Flash!'s Avatar
      !Flash! -
      hernan@adios yellow best liveset ever
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