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  1. Thanks for Phil & Gab's sets DD!
  2. I put up Phil's and Gab's sets !!
  3. You may soon . Dan from rollin Connection played a new track of Bonnici's and it was really great !! He has a soundcloud but nothing on it !! He does have some stuff with Luke Chable

    I'm actually looking forward to going out in future With the exception of Luke they are all really nice guys as well !!

    Bad news is Gavin Keitel is calling it quits apparently
  4. Oh wow would be cool to hear what Bonnici is up to. And I used to love Aaron Smiles' sets, quite underrated imo.
  5. The set I saw Pappa play at 161 wasn't slowed down much. But I would be more than happy with a slightly slower , more melodic Pappa. I have actually seen Phil K play a few brilliant sets in the last few months. He seems to have gone over the random noise thing

    Ran into Danny Bonnici a couple of weekends ago, he is also coming out of retirement. Producing again too ! And Aaron Smiles.

    imho Our locals are killing it at the moment. !
  6. Damn man ... Aril Brikha is playing Sydney March 17, Ian Pooley is also playing Sydney, and Gab Oliver and Anthony Pappa in Melbourne, what's going on?! Pappa's two Laundry sets are pretty cool, he seems to be slowing down with age
  7. He retired years ago!! He is going to be on at New Guernica, which used to be F4. They revamped it. It now looks like a cross between William Morris and a swiss chalet with picket fences !! Literally. It looks really awful!! But they seem to be getting a few good Djs .
  8. Where're they playing? Haven't heard Olivier in so long, did the guy retire?
  9. We have Pappa and Gab Olivier 23rd march !!!
  10. FUCK IT IS HOT !!! 41 degrees !!!!
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