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  1. Hey bro checkout my post on Fabric. I'm probably should have confirmed with you first on my theory but I know I can't be imagining this. I'm using DJ headphones to liste4n to the sets and can hear the small little sound effects from the missing ID's throughout the album.

    I'm not a promoter or anything just a wannabe start up DJ. I wanted to expand my library by trying to ID the missing songs by Sasha, that would force me to try and look for songs and explore other DJ's profiles that I never would have before. Anywho I hope you will atleast look at the album and try listening to the whole song of Together and Oberheim. and then listen to Sasha's set starting at 17 mins and play it till the 36th min. The WHOLE song must be listened to not the little sample on beatport.. Thank you I hope you will hear what I'm trying to say...
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