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Kev Obrien

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Monikers: Raconteur

Following a soul-searching hiatus that began in 2014 and spanned nearly three years, long-time NYC-based DJ and producer Kev Obrien is back in full-swing, readying himself for the launching of his new production and DJ project (Raconteur), which he has spent the better part of the past year preparing original tracks and remixes for.

Prior to his lengthy hiatus, Kev and and his signature brand, Stranjjur, were and continue to be to this day, widely revered and supported across the industry. Regularly recognized by peers and fans alike for his abilities to craft spell-binding DJ sets has sent him far and wide across the globe. After playing nearly every venue NYC had to offer, he’s headlined parties both big and small, as far down as South Africa, Central America, and off to Europe and back; not to mention a litany of U.S. gigs that’s criss-crossed the map. All the while, reaching a global fanbase as his former globally syndicated radio show, Stranjj Selections, reached millions over the span of it's five year run.

Obrien and his former production and label partner Chris Luzz (together known as Manhattan Projject) reached a pinnacle in 2012/2013, as the duo together built one of the quickest-rising labels in recent years, receiving major acclaim from DJ Mag, Mixmag, Resident Advisor and delivering anthems that dominated radio charts across Europe, everyone from Sven Vath to Soul Clap were regular supporters of the unbounded diversity of sound and genre-defying music that Kev curated as lead A&R of Stranjjur during it's brief twenty releases. His fierce dedication to introducing and nurturing unknown artists helped shine early light on the music of some of today's most sought-after superstars, who were then unknown artists; such as Gab Rhome, Rami Abousabe (now one-half of super-duo, Bedouin), HearThuG, David Marston (now writing hits and part of Crew Love with Wolf+Lamb/Soul Clap), Superlover (as one of half of Kassette Boys), Fabo, Karmon, Ataxia, Nhan Solo and Lula Circus. The imprint also released EPs as well from more known artists such as H.O.S.H., Sasse, and more.

To the surprise of many, Obrien suddenly closed Stranjjur’s doors in 2014, citing the need for a firm pressing of his own personal reset button, before disappearing into the abyss onto a soul-searching journey, which has finally now led him full-circle, to return to the music. This time, however, the focus is sharply turned away from the 'empire-building' mind-set which he held in past years, and instead focused solely on doing what he does best: telling his riveting story, through his productions and DJ sets. Hence, his unveiling of his new creative alias and project, Raconteur, which will soon debut with high profile remixes and EPs on a new imprint which he has played a pivotal role in developing --- truly embodying and allowing him to come "full-circle", both as an artists as well as a label manager and A&R specialist.