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Oliver Huntemann

Artist Biography

Real Name: Oliver Huntemann
Genre: Techno, Electro, Minimal

"Bremen-based recording artist and DJ Oliver Huntemann has been in the German scene since the beginning. Brought up in the northern German countryside, he soon found himself heavily infected by the fascinating world of music. He started taping radio shows, buying vinyl maxis and experimenting with his first pair of turntables. All due to the massive wave of innovative American youth culture and music that was invading Europe since the late 70ies, practically speaking: Rap music, break dancing and graffiti as e.g. shown in the movies Beat Street or Wildstyle or recorded by Africa Bambata, Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow or Whodini, to name just a few. It didn't take long until Huntemann started spinning records on parties and it soon became clear, what he wanted to do with his life - become a DJ!

To calm his parents and get some "real and serious" education, Oliver joined the German navy forces for six years and learned how to be an electrician. But all the military drill and discipline couldn't keep him from spending all of his money for records and going to parties.
When Acidhouse invaded Germany in the late 80ies, Oliver immediately knew that this was his thing - he was totally electrified and stoked! He started organizing his first own techno parties and got to know Gerret Frerichs, who was running a club and a small recording studio, where they created the project Humate alongside the Jazz musician H.G. Schmidt ! Their first record was released in 1992 on the cult label MFS.

Huntemann is now, although he has been producing music for over 10 years, one of Germany's hottest electronic acts. Most recently because of his releases on his own 1995-founded Confused and Dance Electric labels, Anthony Rother's Datapunk and the extremely profilic Berlin-based Gigolo Records, which put out his album "Fieber" in collaboration with Confused. His "perfectly balanced tracks sitting somewhere between Chicago, electro and minimal disco" (Groove Magazine) lead him - alongside his studio partner Stephan Bodzin - to the noble honour of doing a remix of Depeche Mode's all-time classic
"Everything Counts", which has turned out to be massive." (Discogs)