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Jamie Stevens

Artist Biography

Real Name: Jamie Stevens
Genre: House, Tech House

"Infusion. You may have heard of them. They're a Melbourne-based three-piece electronic band originally hailing from Wollongong (just near Sydney) founded by Jamie Stevens. He’s the guy usually found jumping around behind the equipment bringing a truck-load of energy and passion to those performances. The same energy he now brings to his DJ sets.

Infusion’s blisteringly energetic live shows have taken them right round the world from Stockholm to Athens, New York to Budapest, taking in clubs like Fabric in London, Tribal Sessions in Leeds and Tokyo’s Womb. They scooped two ARIA awards (Australia's own Grammys) two years in a row, a veritable handful of Australian Dance Music Awards and some rather nice reviews in dance publications in the know across the globe.

Stevens co-produced Adam Freeland's first artist's album Now and Them, single-handedly scored a couple of films, made the odd white label bootleg or two, including Bjork's Pagan Poetry and Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill and now co-owns and A&Rs for dieb audio, his new house label, with Stel and John Dalagelis.

dieb audio has a stonking schedule lined up for 2008 with releases from such luminaries as Hipp-E, Chris Fortier, Smith & Selway, Deepchild, Tiger Stripes and more. Recently, his solo remixes have been placed on mixes by Deepgroove and even Digweed's Transitions 3 compilation on Renaissance. Stevens' latest solo original track Keep Her Space (forthcoming on dieb audio) is already being being played out by Sasha and Dubfire of Deep Dish and is set to appear on the Renaissance Masters 10 mix CD mixed by Dave Seaman.

With Infusion going strong, touring and finishing off their 3rd album, Stevens has the urge to delve deeper into the club, moving away from making music on stage to getting dirty behind the DJ booth. "I'm passionate about good music, music that stands out and grabs your attention,” he says. “I love to be able to play my music to a crowd with my own unique blend of personal edits, bootlegs and re-workings. For me, it's all about creating an atmosphere and maintaining that dirty groove."

Having fanatically collected and created electric music since his childhood, Stevens felt disconnected from pop music and instead drew inspiration from film soundtracks.

Moving on he fell head over heels for Acid House, devouring New Order and The Cure in 1988 via Vangelis, Peter Gabriel and Jean Michel Jarre, and attended his first gig with best friend and fellow Infusion-er Manuel - Depeche Mode's Violator tour in Sydney - back in 1991. In one fell swoop, he found all he loved about music - imagination and emotion." (Dieb Audio)