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Djuma Soundsystem

Artist Biography

Real Name: Lars Bjarno Jensen, Mikkas Skulstad
Genre: Tech House

"A couple of years ago, in the midst of all the etnic inspired cliche' Ibiza compilations and all the afro-house, we sat down with our friend Frantz Thomasen a.k.a. DJ Disse and asked ourselves this question:
is it not possible to make something etnic, but less cheesy - that still works on a floor?

With a power sample from Atila Engine Groups "Turkish showbiz", we created the track "Les Djinns", which you can listen to in our player (in a shorter radio version). But like all producers would say, I guess, this should be heard on the floor, on BIG speakers! It's been tested and aproved ;)

Our local friend Trentemøller on the other hand, cools it down with an epic, tranced out version, inspired by Detroit techno. This is probably the version you know from the radio!
As always Trente keeps it tasteful, and yet again proves why he's the wonderkid that deserves all the hype. This one has also been Pete Tongs "Essential" on BBC's Radio 1

We've also made a remix ourselves, under the name of Def Jaguar (check the "friends" section), keeping the understatet, techy and moody vibe of Get Physical.
They call it: "Centred around a murky bassline with a moody tone, but not short of funk! Its combination of sexy, bleepy groove and atmospheric chords means that it offers light as well as shades of darkness. This version will have a devastating effect in big rooms as well as intimate clubs!"

We signed the track to the major label Capitol/EMI, and picked up warm support all the way from the jazzier scene (with the likes of Fila Brasilia, Dorfmeister, Dom Servini and Jimpster) to the harder breakbeat jocks (like Soul of Man, Layo & Bushwacka or Atomic Hooligan) and all the way over to the big rooms (with the likes of Deep Dish, Seb Fontaine and Pete Tong).
You can check out some of the dj responses below

A long story short: we took a dive back into the underground, and are now proud to have been picked up by Berlin based indie label "Get Physical"

Get Physical is home to some of the contemporary artists we admire the most;
DJ T, Booka Shade, M.A.N.D.Y. and fellow Copenhagen mate Thomas Barfot.
Get Physical have been voted "Best label", "Best compilation" and "Best track" in DJ Mag be continued!" (MySpace)