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  1. Transitions
    Re: Transitions 788 ● John Digweed with a guest mix Paul Kalkbrenner

    Dont get me wrong he plays/makes some great music, but his sets are very samey, and i hate the con of "live"- when, when you watch him, you can see its pretty much just a few (if any) effects just...
  2. Transitions
    Re: Transitions 788 ● John Digweed with a guest mix Paul Kalkbrenner

    Not listened yet, but if its anything like his so called "live sets", itll be same tracks from the last couple of years, just mixed up on his laptop- ableton is it? And call it live.

    If its not,...
  3. Re: Henry Saiz b2b Edu Imbernon Live at Cityfox Arise (July 2019)

    Henry's Mirage at Buenos Aires set, i think is one of the sets of the year- however, this is a bit dull imo. Another back to back set that doesnt work (few do imo).
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    Re: John Digweed @ Street Parade, Zurich, 2019

    Better be quick viewing it then, he'll prob get it removed.

    First time ive seen "JD" branded headphones though- Digweed the sell out! Never thoight id see that.

    Great set though, some very...
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    Re: Henry Saiz - Any new Music floating around

    Its good, but just not long enough. The Mirage set however....
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    Re: ARTBAT - Essential Mix (2019-07-13)

    Not so sure about "interesting"? Nothing special, but a couple of hours of pretty good prog.
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    Re: Balance Selections 100 - Guy J

    And very good it is too.
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    Re: Henry Saiz - Any new Music floating around

    Any mp3 converion sites/apps i tried said both parts were too large to convert, however, his Labyrinth shows have 3 parts of it-not sure which bits though.
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    Re: Henry Saiz - Any new Music floating around

    Henry Saiz live at Mirage Buenos Aires April 2019

    Henry Saiz presents MIRAGE @ Buenos Aires, Part 1 (30.4.2019.) - YouTube Part. 1

    Henry Saiz presents MIRAGE @ Buenos Aires, Part 2 (30.4.2019.)...
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    Re: Dixon - Transmoderna opening

    Very good. Love to hear more...
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    Re: Guy J - Touched by the Sun Mix May 2019

    I just consider myself lucky i can download anything free. 99% listening in car, i can hardly tell the difference- normally just the volume difference. However, if SC made everything downloadable,...
  12. Re: Solomun @ Chambord x Cercle Festival 2019 - 11 May 2019

    Solomun proper banging it out, and mixing for a change. Big impressive production from the Cercle team as usual. Top quality viewing on Youtube.
  13. Re: Seth Troxler @ Mixmag in The Lab Johannesburg - 15 May 2019

    I think the stock pic of Seth needs updating! (+50lbs!) Thought the mix was pretty dull too.
  14. Re: Hot Since 82 - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix 11.05.2019

    Not his best, thats for sure.
  15. Re: sasha-presents-last-night-on-earth-show-048-apri

    Both pretty good imo. Cruising grooves.
  16. Re: Tale Of Us - live @ Ultra Music Festival (Miami, USA) Resistance [31.03.19]

    Why were things different you feel? Not listened to this set yet, but have the Martinez Brothers, and found that one tones down a little, with scatterings of disco fringed latin beats? But not so...
  17. Re: Resident 403 Xmas Special- 6 hrs set recorded live at Woodstock Bloemendaal- Part

    Greg, a very brave post considering this message board, but tbh...... I agree with you about this set-6 hours that dont really go anywhere. You could start listening at any point, and you wouldnt be...
  18. Re: (2001.08.18) Breeder - Live @ Red Square DNA Lounge San Francisco

    ... and then?
  19. Re: Adriatique - Live @ Cercle, Signal 2108 Alpe d'Huez [12.02.19]

    Best set ive heard by them for some time. Got that harder edge back.
  20. Re: Adriatique - Live @ Space Miami, (almost 6hs) [12.01.19]

    Not the best recording (took from a youtube video). Wouldnt bother.
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    Cristoph - Consequence of Society 003

    2 hours of Top Prog from Cristoph

    [Only registered and activated users can see links]
  22. Re: Mind Against @ Kompass Klub Gent, Belgium - 15-12-2018

    Thought the same, part. 1 took for ever to get going-so skipped to second hoping it had livened up, but it hadnt.
  23. Re: Quivver Opening set for Hernan @ Bar Standard-Denver

    Would like to hear a nice long set from John for a change.
  24. Re: Guy Mantzur - Goodbye 2018 Hello 2019 Mix

    Normally, however, this one is very dull imo.
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    Re: Joris Voorn - 2018 Year Mix

    Thats a lot if tracks for 59 mins?
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