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  1. Re: Luke Fair live @ Freak Me Out - Bahrein, Buenos Aires - Nov 5, 2016

    3 hrs from Luke is never a bad thing
  2. Transitions
    Re: Transitions 500 ● John Digweed Live From Miami WMC 2014

    damn I wish I was on the boat. . . . Actually, I'd be happy to just be in Miami instead of dreary Minnesota today.

    Many thanks for this link
  3. Replies

    Re: Guy J - March lost in Miami mix

    jumping on this. Hes put out some good stuff as of late.
  4. Re: John Digweed_Transitions450 Live_Punta_Del_Este_(Proton_Radio)_-_12-04-2013

    Boom Baby
  5. Re: Cassy @ Vessel Club - 13 December 2012

    all over this one right here.many thanks
  6. Re: Danny Howells - Live at B018, Beirut - August 24th 2012 [FULL 5 HOURS SET]

    wow, winning here

    many thanks
  7. MCast resident mix
    Re: Shiva @ X-Chrome on friskyradio - 26 Sept 2012

    oo la la, you had me at wicked wicked!

    many thx
  8. Re: Luke Fair - Live @ SQ Castle Courtyard, Poznan, Poland - 14 July 2012

    Solid piece here
  9. Re: Sasha & Pole Folder @ Woodstock 69 July 15 2012 (a few videos)

    yeah, Pole Folder just amazed in his opening excursion. To anybody who hasn't checked it out, wow, jump on it
  10. Re: Ladies and Gents: Here's the OFFICIAL Point where Mainstream EDM has jumped the s

    for the love, who put her up to this? ? Pauly D-ouche bag? ? ? They'd be a perfect tag team combo
  11. Re: Rog - A Deep House Session with Adana Twins / Soul Minority / Balcazar& Sordo etc

    just spun this one right round, I def like the feel of the set, will be going directly into my car this afternoon.

    Good work.
  12. Re: Howard Stern rips on Deadmau5, David Guetta, Skrillex and DJs as a whole. RECORD

    howard's clueless, and let him be. he can remain in the past as far as I'm concerned. I personally dont care for mouser, guetta or skrillex, but understand that they pull a lot of weight in the...
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    [ms] member mix
    Re: Homegrove - Winter Warmer 2012

    dig it, like that you used a Slacker track in a Slacker dedicated set too
  14. Re: balErik - Oslo By Night - 22.01.2012 - Soundcloud

    Thats one nice rig you're running. Bet you can get lost in all of it for hours!
  15. Replies

    Re: 100 Reasons the DJ Hates You...

    haha, good ones, 58 takes the cake for me, so true so true
  16. Replies

    Re: Dubstep xmas lights

    super cool concept, to bad I despise dubstep! Oh well, very creative none the less

    happy holidays everyone
  17. Re: Steve Lawler - Live @ Madam Butterfly (Ferrara,Italy) - 26-11-2011

    Gonna have to spin this one round

    This set is spot on from start to finish. Anybody sleeping on this one is . . . well . . . not taking enough chances! Luke at his finest right here, jump on it
  19. Replies

    Re: Jimmy Van M - Highland 576 - June 2011

    Can never pass on some JVM.

    Many thanks
  20. Re: Jody Wisternoff - LIVE at Club Space (2002-07-21)

    huh, have to give this one a shot.

    Thx Vinnie
  21. Transitions
    Re: Transitions 349 John Digweed with a guest mix by M.A.N.D.Y.

    woot woot, many thanks for this
  22. Transitions
    Re: Transitions 347 - John Digweed with a guest mix by Nick Warren

    sweet, many thanks
  23. Re: Seth Troxler & Ryan Crosson @ Panama City Jazz Festival 1-15-11

    Gonna swoop in on this one, many thanks
  24. Re: Luke Fair & Dosem Discoteca Radio on Proton Radio 18.01.2011

    Dont suppose any nice guys or gals have a mp3 link to post eh?? If not, freeware seeking I go!!
  25. Re: Stefan Anion - Blue Industries January 2011 Winterchill

    caught parts of this on Proton and was just waiting

    good lookin out vinnie
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