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  1. [ms] member mix
    Re: Ribbario - Something Supernatural-feb 08`(downtempo/chill mix)

    Wow, I can't believe it was '08 :HolyShit: Love, Love, Love this mix!!!
  2. Re: (2005-12) Steve James Presents Celestial Misbehavings

    Damn this set is good!
  3. Replies

    Re: Paul Oakenfold - Love of Life, May 1995

    Got some good tracks up in this mix. Love me some old skool psy.
    Thank you!
  4. Re: James Zabiela - Jet Lagged In The Bat Cave (Live Mix)

    yes indeed. liking this a lot
  5. MCast resident mix
    Re: Caley Martin - Live at Norad, Denver (08-24-12)

    it's been a while since I've heard one of your mixes and this one is spot one :) Very enjoyable thank you for the last two hours!
  6. Replies

    Re: Robert Miles - Berlin Mix

    Thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you!
  7. Re: Adam Freeland @ Club Roxy 22-10-2004 Prague

    awesome, thank you...for...some...reason that megaupload link no worky *le sigh*
  8. Re: .AUdio megapost: JZ, Seaman, Kasey Taylor, Hybrid, Pappa etc..

    "Two Squared ..... solid proggy breaks throughout"

    This is REALLY good! Thank you!!!
  9. Replies

    Re: Ground Breaking Mixes

    +infinity on this!!! More life changing than ground breaking!

    Nick Warren's GU008 Brazil, Disk 1-Nick puts the pedal down about 1/2 way through and doesn't let up
    Steve Lawler's Lights Out-at the...
  10. Re: Oliver Lieb - Live @ Ministry of Sound, The Audible Suspects CD Launch - Feb 2012

    Really like this one 20 min in...dark n twisted!
  11. Re: Lee Burridge & DJ Three - Live @ Villa Toscana - BPM 2011

    Wow! This is really good. On my 3rd time through...deep, flowing house music, not too many annoying vocal tracks. What a great mix
  12. Re: Danny Howells - Live at Oda Theatre, Pristina - Sept 09 2011 [ 6 HOUR SET ]

    Very impressed! a 6 hour mix that didn't have cringe inducing vocal tracks every other track. I was able to listen to this whole mix start to finish without have to skip through it *lol* Good...
  13. Re: Lee Burridge - Live @ Lightning in a Bottle Festival 2011 (CA,USA) - 30-05-2011

    Nice! Can't wait to hear this one. I seem to be the odd man out but I liked his set from Lightning in a Bottle last year more then the Burning Man set.
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    [ms] member mix
    Re: Walk Down And Fuck All The Cows

    laughed at the title...wondered off...came back and decided to stream it...jumped right back to d/l after listening to it for about 10 minutes! This is seriously good stuff!! Thank you
  15. Re: Nick Warren - Live @ Lightning in a Bottle Festival - 2011

    Sweet, I've been waiting for this one to surface :) Thank you Nick!!!
  16. Re: balErik Kikki Boat Party Oslo 31.07.2010

    *edited* wrong thread
  17. [ms] member mix
    Re: [Deephouse] Dominique Heyninck (Mitrinique) pres Summermix 2011

    thank you. been really into deep house recently. d/ling now
  18. Re: Anthony Pappa - Live @ JustMusic.FM (04.11.2005)

    this one is another one of my all time favorite sets. I had it burned on a cd that has been in my truck cd case rotation for years. love it!
  19. Re: Shlomi B - Live @ The Cat&Dog - July 2011

    This is really good. i like the sound he's putting down with this :) I haven't listened to Shlomi B inna few years. Have to try some moar of his recent stufs
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    Re: What are you listening to?

    Got to agree, that Reykjavik mix is one of my all time favs!
  21. Re: Steve Lawler - Wasted Promo Mix (June 2006)

    Just found this gem in my collection :D I forgot how damn good this set is!
  22. Re: Gabriel & Dresden - Live @ Creamfields, Melbourne, Australia - 25-04-2011

    Been loving Gabriel and Dresden recently :)
  23. Re: Bill Patrick -, Berlin (10.08.2010)

    Wow! really nice vibe...this is good stuff!
  24. Replies

    Re: 2008.12.15 - Nick Warren - December Mix

    This is a CLASSIC! It still gets spins on my Zune a couple of times a month. My 10 year old son loves this mix and wants me to play it every time we're in the car :o)
  25. Replies

    Re: Request / Old Irish Steve Lawler Sets??

    YES! I LOVE Warm Art! I've totally re-thought my outlook on ambient/downtempo in the past year because of MS and (psyamb)
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