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  1. New one? Feel Preston - John Digweed Live On Rock Fm 1999

    Saw this tonight on Youtube. Not in my collection, and it seems this uploader has a lot of uploads from Feel Preston:
  2. Re: John Digweed - Live @ The Groove Orlando (24.02.2000)-

    Meaning, track selection was more limited because no white labels.
  3. Re: John Digweed - Live @ The Groove Orlando (24.02.2000)-

    Was there that night and about 90% sure his was the night the turntables didn't work, and digweed played the full set off CDJs. This was about one year before the CDJ-1000, so it was on old school...
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    Re: John Digweed Exposed MixTape 1999

    I think it's got to be him. It just sounds digweed as fuck in those first 40 minutes.
  5. Re: Digweed - Cavo Paradiso Aug 12 2000 (3 parts)

    Ha... professional lurker
  6. Re: Mark Hunts House Florida (Zen Afterparty) 1st Sept 1996)-

    Tomba Vira - Polistirolo (Jark Prongo Extended Remix)

    Gotta love Shazam now that they search Youtube. Finding all sorts of crazy old ones.
  7. Re: Mark Hunts House Florida (Zen Afterparty) 1st Sept 1996)-

    What is this, fucking jeopardy? ;)
  8. Re: Digweed - Cavo Paradiso Aug 12 2000 (3 parts)

    Anyone got a higher quality version?
  9. Re: Digweed - Cavo Paradiso Aug 12 2000 (3 parts)

    Set is available here: John Digweed: Live From Cavo Paradiso At Mykonos, Greece by Esdras07 | Mixcloud
  10. Re: Digweed - Cavo Paradiso Aug 12 2000 (3 parts)

    FYI the song at 140 minutes isn't Saints & Sinners - Dub Trump, it's Der Dritte Raum - Tanzmedial. Great track.

    Der Dritte Raum - Der Schrittmacher / Tanzmedial (Vinyl) at Discogs
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    Re: [Request] Sasha-The Kitchen-Dublin 1999?

    Happened to see this set on YouTube today:

    Sasha @ The Kitchen Dublin 1999 - YouTube

    1. David Alvarado: Klugh (DJ Dozia Remix)
    2. Timeline: Perpetual
    3. Circulation: Street Beat
    4. Gino...
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    Re: Sasha & Digweeed - Denver 1998

    So, I was screwing around and combined these files, cut Jimmy out, did a quick master, and brought the tempo down to 126 from 134.

    Have to say, this might be my favorite set from them:
  13. Re: Sasha & Digweed - Live @ Las Vegas early 2003-ish

    #10 at [47:20] is Dj Nukem vs Chab - Shaiva
  14. Re: Dubfire B2B Sasha @ Trade, Miami - Part 1 & 2

    Combined link here:!ih4EHICQ!ETJXGoBYuaN0zQICM8P5gx-7VDue7ZQCwxi0EJxhymY
  15. Re: Sasha & John Digweed - Live @ Simons Gemini Party Gainesville (27.05.1996) 6 Hour

    Any update on the last 90 minutes?
  16. Re: John Digweed Live at Liquid Groove - Atlanta 2000

    This was at The Riveria club in Atlanta.
  17. [Crowd Recording] Sasha Live at Avalon Hollywood - 10-28-11 (2 hours)

    Accidentally posted twice.
  18. Re: Sasha - Live@La Locomotive, Paris 07-06-1998

    Any upload for this? Would love to get my hands on it...
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    Re: Classic: Sasha - Digweed Twilo mix

    sashaliveintwilo.mp3 is actually from a webcast from the Womb in Miami circa 1999 (studio session I believe)... They had a bunch of DJ sets on there back in the day, and I believe this one might have...
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