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Thread: BB / iPhone Users - Organizer

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    BB / iPhone Users - Organizer

    What do you guys use for organizing your life? With so much shit going on and virtually everything in today's world being digitized, I'm yet to move to the digital realm for organizing shit. Just need recommendations for good apps / programs on BB or iPhone.

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    Re: BB / iPhone Users - Organizer

    the only apps i use on bb is navita for sports and time for news, other than that just the regular (bbm,email,calendar,etc..) doin the job for me.
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    Re: BB / iPhone Users - Organizer

    google calendar FTW, and sync it with Week Cal (iphone app)
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    Re: BB / iPhone Users - Organizer

    Probably LOL worthy, but I sync my Nokia with Outlook which is connected to my calendar and stuff

    SugarSync - Like Dropbox but bigger: [referral link for 500MB extra!]

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    Re: BB / iPhone Users - Organizer

    Kamal Check the thread I just started for Evernote.

    Available on Mac/Windows/iPhone/Blackberry/Android and keeps everything in sync. I just started using it, trying to figure out the best way to easily store bookmarks, but you can store everything and it is searchable. Plus it will allow OCR for images and other stuff too.

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