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Thread: Hey all..

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    Hey all..

    Been thinking a lot about Jibbly recently but not for good reasons sadly enough..

    I had another friend of mine commit suicide this past Monday... He was a college buddy of mine since 2003, a real genius, worked at IBM as a computer software engineer and apparently he had been dealing with some anxiety and depression issues according to his girlfriend. Memorial is Feb 5, his birthday.

    Its a real loss and I hoped none of those feelings immediately after hearing that Jibbly did the same would ever come back but here they are... it really puts things into perspective...

    Enjoy life all, thats really all I have to say... Enjoy Life.

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    Re: Hey all..

    sorry to hear of recent events
    ....Freak in the morning, Freak in the evening, aint no other Freak like me thats breathing....

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