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Thread: Maya Jane Coles - DJ Kicks

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    Maya Jane Coles - DJ Kicks

    straight affa RA:

    Maya Jane Coles has mixed the next edition of DJ-Kicks, due for release in April.

    Coles has been one of house music's most popular new artists ever since her breakthrough single, What They Say, came out on Real Tone Records in 2010. At just 24 years old, the London-based DJ and producer is now a hot commodity at clubs and festivals around the world, and last year slipped into the top 10 of your favorite DJs of 2011. DJ-Kicks will be her first commercial mix CD, and according to Coles, shows her at her most diverse.

    "I don't just do one thing and I wanted [the mix] to reflect that," she says. "Most of the mixes I've put out there so far have been house based, but I also produce stuff under the Nocturnal Sunshine moniker, which is more two-step/bass influenced stuff. This mix evolved into something that wasn't just four-to-the-floor."

    Like every edition of DJ-Kicks, the mix features exclusive tracks from the curator: one is "Not Listening," and the other is "Meant To Be," a track from Coles' more two-step influenced alter-ego, Nocturnal Sunshine.

    01. Deft - Loqux & Past
    02. Kris Wadsworth - Mainline (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
    03. Chasing Kurt - Money
    04. Bozzwell - In My Cocoon
    05. Larse - Karoo
    06. Milscot feat. Angela Sheik - All Alone (Domyan Just Slow Remix)
    07. Adam Stacks - Hey Love
    08. Phil Kieran & White Noise Sound - Never Believed
    09. Sigward - Nuerd
    10. Maya Jane Coles - Not Listening
    11. Virgo Four - It's a Crime (Caribou Remix)
    12. Roberto Bardini - Hate Me (Muteoscillator Fairy Tall Remix)
    13. Tripmastaz - Guess Who
    14. Standard Fair - Little Helper 16-3
    15. Nocturnal Sunshine - Meant to Be
    16. Zenker Brothers - Berg 10
    17. Last Magpie - No More Stories
    18. Zoe Zoe - Church
    19. Gerry Read - Roomland (Youandewan Remix)
    20. T. Williams - Analog Tour
    21. Marcel Dettmann - Translation Two
    22. Claro Intelecto - Hunter's Rocket to the Sky

    !K7 will release Maya Jane Coles' DJ-Kicks in April 2012.
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    Re: Maya Jane Coles - DJ Kicks

    Will be purchasing

    This release was mastered direct from vinyl at the request of the DJ and as such features natural sound characteristics of this medium such as record surface noise.

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    Re: Maya Jane Coles - DJ Kicks

    Photek is also doing a dj kicks cd, can't wait. Should be out in April / May I think.

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    Re: Maya Jane Coles - DJ Kicks



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    Re: Maya Jane Coles - DJ Kicks

    Definitely.... new on my radar but right up there.
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    Re: Maya Jane Coles - DJ Kicks

    Can't wait to purchase. Over the last 12 months the tracks/remixes and sets she's done have been brilliant. Love this girl.

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    Re: Maya Jane Coles - DJ Kicks

    coolio !!!

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    Re: Maya Jane Coles - DJ Kicks

    Nice mix, quite similar to the set she played when I caught her 3 months ago.


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    Re: Maya Jane Coles - DJ Kicks

    Yeah good stuff, caught her opening up for Groove Armada in Miami, she can hold it down.
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