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Thread: Stranger Things [Netflix]

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    Stranger Things [Netflix]

    I just started binge watching. Surprisingly good!

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    Re: Stranger Things [Netflix]

    The story of the missing boy is getting a little drawn out I think, I'm on episode 4 and Ryder's character is losing her mind.. hoping for a plot twist soon. Also the opening 100% reminds me of Tron.

    It was fun while it lasted...Au revoir MS.

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    I finally finished the series. Fully enjoyed every aspect. It definitely left some unanswered questions & brought up some new ones as well. Season 2 is being discussed by Netflix currently.

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    Re: Stranger Things [Netflix]

    Hearing great things about this myself - must impale myself into it

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    Re: Stranger Things [Netflix]

    I enjoyed it until the 80s shit wore itself out and the series felt like it could've been 2 episodes shorter. Liked the soundtrack but it didn't really match the show.


    Quote Originally Posted by Hoff View Post
    a powerful and insane mothership that occasionally comes commanded by the real ones .. then suck us and makes us appear in the most magical of all lands
    Quote Originally Posted by m1sT3rL View Post
    Oh. My. God. James absolutely obliterated the island tonight. The last time there was so much destruction, Obi Wan Kenobi had to take a seat on the Falcon after the Death Star said "hi and bye" to Leia's homeworld.

    I got pics and video. But I will upload them in the morning. I need to smoke this nice phat joint and just close my eyes and replay the amazingness in my head.

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    Re: Stranger Things [Netflix]

    Anyone else see the RA article on the soundtrack bring released? I'm getting it for sure

    It was fun while it lasted...Au revoir MS.

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    Re: Stranger Things [Netflix]

    I tried 3 times to watch this, but I could not get into it. I gave it a 4th go with my son who loved it. Looking forward to season 2

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    Re: Stranger Things [Netflix]

    Season 2 is AMAZING !!!

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    Re: Stranger Things [Netflix]

    I just kicked off season one and made it to episode 3......LOVE IT

    If you have heard of the montaulk chronicles documentary, and just recent on the history channel 'the dark files" this shit actually went on and on!!! Kids all over turned up missing and were experimented with, some had telepathic or mind altering abilities and those kids where the ones who were selected for time travel, remote viewing....its really fucked up when you hear the stories of the people who worked there and the kids that were worked on, also one of the scientists has come fourth with his accounts.

    Looking forward to finishing the series pretty disturbing when you find out what really happened.....

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