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Thread: This could be the experience of lifetime.

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    Re: This could be the experience of lifetime.

    ^^ animal!

    <The rough dancer and the cyclical night>, discazo!
    It´s a spiritual thing!

    A new one 15/11/17
    chandra 09/09/2016

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    Re: This could be the experience of lifetime.

    Quote Originally Posted by DIDI View Post
    Get this straight . Herman will be playing !! It would have been amazingly hard work to set this up. The attitude towards electronic music has not been super friendly from the establishment in Argentina. I'm standing by "my experience of a lifetime "

    I have booked my flight and I am taking advantage of this to do something I have talked about for years, sticking around to hear some of the locals. I am staying for just under 2 moths. On my own, non english speaking country , what can possibly go wrong
    Good luck DIDI, would love to do something like that

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    Re: This could be the experience of lifetime.

    Quote Originally Posted by max420 View Post
    Could someone preferably from Argentina explain to me exactly what Hernan's role in this performance is?

    maybe that is not translatable into words jajaaaa

    hernán is a Huuuuuuuuuge Artist,
    and everything he does is of extreme quality

    he will be the coach here and like didi said que will be playing
    . .:: which means all of Us going to the really Far

    all artist there are pure pure Quality, Leandro Fresco is a Far mental artist which plays most than anything downtempo and delivers a looooot of music on Kompakt

    oliverio and Baunder are Soundexile, Far mans from the underground since ......... ever

    Mercurio fcking far artis, is with hernán since .........

    that coleman another distant artist, and all the others [that I don´t know them] .. . they are far because hernán chose them

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