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Thread: TRUMP - Pros & Cons

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    Re: TRUMP - Pros & Cons

    Quote Originally Posted by floridaorange View Post
    If Biden is elected - will any of the Trump supporters ever get the hindsight 2020 moment you reckon?
    haha, you are funny. republicans in power want nothing but more power. they do not give a shit about the US citizen at all. this was proven today, they will work overtime and weekends to shove a Supreme Justice through in less than a month and then immediately recess with still no covid relief. cowards all of them.

    it is just so sad how disgusting the republican party has gotten in recent years.
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    Re: TRUMP - Pros & Cons

    i hope you’re wrong but i fear you’re right

    It was fun while it lasted...

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    Re: TRUMP - Pros & Cons

    If Biden wins we are in for it

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