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Thread: Montreal

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    Re: Montreal

    ^^ Have to agree with this !!
    Quote Originally Posted by TheVrk View Post
    it IS incredible isn't it??
    STILL pumpin out great set after great set...never cheesed out, never sold out, never lost his touch..
    Simply does not get any better than Hernan
    The 'club spirit' is in the soul. It Never Dies

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    Re: Montreal

    got it. thanks for all the comments... i'm catching Project Pablo in the Bar and then see if I go to Stereo or not..

    i just checked and Stereo Bar is open until 2 or 3... and then I can go to Stereo...

    it's funny because an afterhours for us here in Argentina opens 8 am or noon.. or even 6 pm hahaha
    So I never understood why calling it afterhours if it opens 3 or 4 am... that's the time people go out here in Buenos Aires!

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