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Thread: Server Moved

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    Re: Server Moved


    This release was mastered direct from vinyl at the request of the DJ and as such features natural sound characteristics of this medium such as record surface noise.

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    Re: Server Moved

    Jib says:
    he isnt worth the water that splashes up into your asshole while you're shitting
    Quote Originally Posted by ace_dl View Post
    Guys and Gals, I have to hurry/leaving for short-term vacations.
    I won't be back until next Tuesday, so if Get Carter is the correct answer, I would appreciate of someone else posts a new cap for me

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    Re: Server Moved

    thanks for [ms] Kamal - hope you are doing well matey!
    ....Freak in the morning, Freak in the evening, aint no other Freak like me thats breathing....

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