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Thread: Omid 16B - 6AM Guest Mix - 19-11-20

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    Omid 16B - 6AM Guest Mix - 19-11-20

    Starts off a little different and builds!

    loved this mix!

    Ahead of his SunTzu album release, DJ, producer, songwriter, musician and label boss Omid Nourizadeh, also known as Omid 16B, delivers an eclectic and exclusive Guest Mix.

    Omid 16B has forged a unique and prolific career as one of the world’s most talented and respected musicians and producers with over 20 years contributing to the scene, as this mix proves.

    Growing up in London, with Persian roots, he’s highly regarded as a pioneer of the tech house movement back in the early nineties, alongside Carl Craig, Craig Richards, Mr C, Steve Bug and Francois K. Omid's impressive discography includes releases on labels such as Eye Q, Hooj Choons, Stomp/EQ, Yoshitoshi, Ministry Of Sound, Deconstruction, Tsuba and Bedrock, as well as his own labels aLOLa and SexOnWax Recordings.

    Omid boats an impressive portfolio of music, releasing 4 albums to date including his hugely acclaimed debut 'Sounds From Another Room’ (199, 'How To Live 100 Years' (2002), the two-part ‘Like 3 Ears & 1 Eye' (2007) and his long awaited brilliant album from release last year, ‘Silenciety’. He has worked under many pseudonyms including $16 Million Dollar Man, Phaser, 16B, Pre 4, OTC, ORN, Sixteen Souls, Subversive Attraction, NEW5 and Omid 16B, among others. Omid's impressive collaboration and remixes credits include artists Lana Del Rey, Morel, The Cure, Gus Gus, Danny Howells, François Kevorkian, Steve Lawler through to Groove Armada, Depeche Mode, Prince, Deep Dish, and many more.

    Having played at some of the best festival stages around the world from Snowbombing, MTVFestival, SW4 Main Stage in London, DJmag’s 20th anniversary show at Space Ibiza, Bestival and the Space Closing party, Omid continues to follow his individual creative path, taking his unique sounds from his London studio to the global stage.
    "Not everybody can understand this house music.
    Its a spiritual thing. A body thing. Its soul thing. A soul thing. "

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    Re: Omid 16B - 6AM Guest Mix - 19-11-20

    ohhh okay im in bro

    Thank you

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