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Thread: Tough time for Lobsinger family

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    Tough time for Lobsinger family


    Hey so over the years Christopher and Nicolas Lobsinger have provided some memorable sets and productions that have been amongst some of my all time favorites. Chris started DJ-ing at an early age mostly in part to a very supportive family including his Dad, Phillip. Without Phil's influence in Chris' early career I don't think he would have had the opportunity to play in places like Mexico and Austria. While his San Francisco Sessions show remains as one of the best shows ever to air on Proton Radio.

    Anyway, news has come to light that in September Phillip suffered multiple strokes and his health has been profoundly affected. His condition is improving however and it's warming to see photos of him on Lobsinger family socials being supported by his loving wife.


    Hey all. Most of you have possibly seen me posting pictures of my dad and have no clue what's going on. Well, my father suffered some pretty severe strokes and was in the ICU for about a month in sept-oct. He is now currently in rehabilitation and getting better everyday! Unfortunately it took a lot away from him and the road to recovery will be a long one, although, my dad is one of the strongest people physically and mentally I know and I'm positive he will get better faster than expected!! He is already walking and talking with a speaking valve much faster than anticipated! I created a gofundme for my father and support of my parents as we children can only do so much. Please send lots of love to my parents outside of donations. My dad was and is still a rock in our lives having done so much and helped us children and many others in so many ways. Thank you and much love to you all!! ❤❤


    Just thought I'd share this post with the [ms] community because of the joy the Lobsinger's mixes and productions have brought me over the years. If you can help please consider donating. I have and I'm glad to support them in their time of need. Best wishes for a little progress and a little encouragement everyday during your recuperation Phillip.

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    Re: Tough time for Lobsinger family

    Not much, but done
    Quote Originally Posted by TheVrk View Post
    it IS incredible isn't it??
    STILL pumpin out great set after great set...never cheesed out, never sold out, never lost his touch..
    Simply does not get any better than Hernan
    The 'club spirit' is in the soul. It Never Dies

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