Each of these servers have their own local databases which contain the data of the characters who play on them d2r items for sale. This is necessary because there's too many people taking part in Diablo 2 to just continually upload all the data of everyone's to a only one central point.

"Most of your actions in game are performed against this regional database due to the fact that it's more speedy, and your character is "locked" in this database so that the individual character record integrity. The global database also has an emergency backup in the event that the main fails,"These regional databases will periodically transmit details back to the main database, so that way Blizzard is able to keep a single record (with backups) of your thicc Level Necromancers, Barbarians, and others. It sounds wonderful until the central database is overwhelmed and the entire system, much like the engineers who work in it, demands to take a break.

"On Friday morning Pacific time, we experienced a global outage due to an unexpected and massive surge in traffic. This was a new level which our servers have never been through before, even before launch," Blizzard explained.This was exacerbated by an update we'd launched on the previous day that was designed to enhance performance around game creation. Both of these factors together overloaded our database globally, causing it to time out. We made the decision to roll back that Friday update that we'd previously released in the hope of easing the load on servers as we approached Sunday, while giving us the time to explore the root of.

However, on Sunday, it became clear what we'd accomplished on Saturday wasn't enough. We saw a further volume of traffic, which caused us to hit another issue. Our game servers were aware of the database's disconnect and immediately attempted to reconnect repeatedly, which meant the database was never able to finish the work we had completed due to the fact that it was dealing with a constant stream of connections from game servers. At this point, we also discovered that we could make configuration improvements to our log of database events, which is crucial to restore a healthy state in case the database fails, so we made those changes Diablo 2 Resurrected Items, and carried out further root cause analysis.