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You're attitude is fucking horrendous mate, I'm not going to lie about that.. Do you remember you saying to me that you'll never make money from music ?

You honestly think that because he does this he's exceedingly rich ?

Behrouz might be better off than many but a 500K medical bill is a sore one.

You're throwing yourself around like an entitled prick, kid is a private school yet ?
I don’t work in the music industry, if I did, I would have a management company representing me and ensuring that I got paid. Like I said before, he has a club in Miami and has run a night in Ibiza, so it is safe to say that he has earned a reasonable amount of money over the years.

Not only that, the average cost of stroke recovery in the US is 20,000, but he wants 25x that. This is also assuming that he wasn’t stupid enough to have medical insurance. If I was travelling all over the world on a weekly basis, I would make sure that I had critical illnesses and death benefit.

Yes, the kid is in private school and has been there for 3 years and doing well. I also retired now and am living the dream. I also paid 4,000 for private medical care on my running injury this year. I didn’t expect someone else to foot the bill.