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Thread: Lifes directions

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    Quote Originally Posted by MusicJatt View Post
    I am your subscriber. My feedback is ... loved the oven you made. I go to this Peruvian chicken restaurant that has a very nice oven that smells like my grandparent's kitchen that I haven't seen in over 23 years. So it means a lot to me and this reminded me of that. Thank you for this heartfelt share and giving me the chance to tell you about a meaningful oven.

    My creative feedback is that you may get more likes if there is more footage of you bending over, that's when I hit the like button immediately. Keep it up !!

    Hopefully I can reach out to you when I make such an oven.
    Thanks for the sub and all the feedback and comments. I'll take some of your comments on board

    I've cooked two meals in the oven so far, and the smells have been gorgeous. I started with a paella yesterday, and today, I cooked lemon and ginger chicken.
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    Re: Lifes directions

    Mike I'm going to give you a wee tip on keeping your mental health, healthy, it's pretty simple. No matter how bad you get and this is kinda selfish but you have to look after number one, my tip is, no matter how bad you get, someone is out there who is in a far worse place than you. Get involved in helping others by writing your experiences down ( I did this. ). If it helps just one person then it's completely worth the hassle.

    This experience still haunts me to this day but I've learned to cope with things in my own way. I think about this everyday and trust me the cringe is strong but you can overcome anything if you put your mind to it. Find something that helps with your coping mechanism (as I see you already have done) and work on it, keep going. I have went from that^ to this. ( )

    On Friday I "played" to a full house, I fucked up BIG time, cut the previous DJ's tune pre maturely and for the first half an hour proceeded to fuck every mix I did. Conrad jumped on the mic and by some sort of miracle I managed to pull it together. NGL I was in tears the lot but as everyone was saying, shit happens. I got over it pretty quickly but even though I did get over it the cringe is still pretty bad and yea I'm getting flashbacks just now but it was a very long time ago I learned to deal with them.

    Best thing to do was get straight back on the horse, I've got another booking for Berlin next year.

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