Hello Musical souls!

It's been quite awhile since I've posted here in this lovely community, which I've been part off for quite some time. I've got this amazing community to thank for the start of my career. I hope to reconnect with some musical souls on here from the past, however I don't know who's still active in this community.

Back in 2005-2007 I made 20 editions of my Introversive show that was broadcast on here in MercurySession/Eccentric Beats. Later on this turned into Mcast. I used the Fresh alias back then and had to change my name to D-Frazz in 2010.

After MCast I started out a new show called 'Dutch House Love', showcasing upcoming and talented Dutch DJ's and producers, which was aired bi-monthly on Proton Radio's SoundLab.Some of my featured guests in Introversive and Dutch House Love were Harry Lemon (Lemon8), Eelke Kleijn, Habersham, Barish Turker, V-Sag and many others..

Now after a very long break I am back again, since music is in my heart and soul.
I'm very proud to present to you my new born son Xpansiv Sessions. In this debuting show I have worked on a very personal journey mix of mine called 'Cathartic Release', which will contain my current favourite tracks, promos and some exclusive personal Edits and unreleased tracks.

I feel immensely honoured having Robert Babicz as a guest in the first episode of my new show.

Robert is one of my favourite producers off all times. I experience Robert as a true sound magician, who constantly keeps renewing himself in his lovely studio @ Malta and is responsible for a constant flow of amazing productions (over 1000+ tracks made).

Robert made a very special mix with many exclusive fresh new tracks that haven't been released yet.

Xpansiv Sessions with me (D-Frazz) and Robert Babicz will be debuting on Proton Radio SoundLab @ Sunday April 9th. Check the flyer for your timezone.

Thanks for your support.


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