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Thread: Oakenfold Urban Soundtracks

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    Re: Paul Oakenfold, Urban Soundtracks complete series

    Kind of, but thats the idea behind a soundtrack based not on a film already made it, but on a story or book. Probably you don't want to listen that, and about it I can't do nothing. If you don't like just doesn't download and no problem at all. =)

    I think not everything on electronic music (even edm) it must be bass lines and shake the body. Just enjoy and try to be more open, that's what I'm trying to do with what I post and share with everybody right here at Mercuryserver. Cheers!

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    Re: Paul Oakenfold, Urban Soundtracks complete series

    all ready posted
    Quote Originally Posted by res0nat0r View Post
    OK Lets All Stroke Ron Pauls Cock On 3!

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    Re: Oakenfold Urban Soundtracks

    I remember listening to The Snow Queen on Galaxy (was it?) as we drove from Bridlington to Darlington one night in 2001. We had to sit in the car for 10 minutes after we arrived to hear the end.
    Some tracks worked better than others, true, but when they're good...

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    Re: Oakenfold Urban Soundtracks


    It was fun while it lasted...

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    Re: Oakenfold Urban Soundtracks


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