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Thread: Sasha EM Ireland

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    Sasha EM Ireland

    Dear All,

    just listened to Sasha's latest EM. Very nice, but I still prefer the 100mph, sweat pouring off you, grind and sheer mindless abandon of his older stuff.

    Hence this- 0 to 100 in about no time whatsoever...!!

    Don't know when its from, but Christ it's good!!


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    Re: Sasha EM Ireland

    Quote Originally Posted by sweeneytodd99 View Post
    Don't know when its from, but Christ it's good!!
    It's from Kelly's in Portrush and was broadcast on 14th February 1999.

    Yes, it is very good indeed, first time i heard Xpander.

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    Re: Sasha EM Ireland

    hey chem, do you happen to have this full essential mix?
    or perhaps, in better quality?

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