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Thread: MCast Sessions 011 tracklist?

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    MCast Sessions 011 tracklist?

    Hey guys, was wondering you might be able to help me out with getting a tracklist for this mix.

    All I know of it is that it's nearly 3hrs long and its labelled "Stevb James - MCast Sessions 011"

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Re: MCast Sessions 011 tracklist?

    Steve never submitted a tracklist for our Proton radio show so you need to ID the tracks...maybe some here can help. I know I am no help with this because I suck at track spotting lol.

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    Re: MCast Sessions 011 tracklist?

    I've wanted this TL for a while and never got one even when I asked Steve personally. I think he dug out the tracks (at the time of making the mix) from his secret box - which is why he never gave away the names (or at least I think that's what it was, cause I asked him twice for it)

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    Re: MCast Sessions 011 tracklist?

    One of the tracks somewhere in the middle (the track I'm desperately looking for) sounds a whole lot like Rejuvination - IBO, if anyone can help on that ID?

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