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January 6, 2006, 04:11:26 AM
Team Mercuryserver

http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/goodies/ms%20team/schlittnator.jpg (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/goodies/ms%20team/Picklemonkey.jpg)

Adam "Picklemonkey" Schlitt (USA) - Super Moderator
on Mercuryserver, DJ Database creator, and the
tech Guru of [ms].


http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/goodies/ms%20team/Arielus.jpg (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/goodies/ms%20team/Arielus.jpg)

Ariel "Arielus" Macedo (Argentina) - moderating the local forum
for our members from South America and other spanish
speaking countries


http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/goodies/ms%20team/gatz.jpg (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/goodies/ms%20team/gatz.jpg)

Bob "Gatz" Arial (Canada) - Keeper of the
public Kiss100 and Metrodance show
archives. He is called Megaupload Guru with
a reason because he shares Terrabytes of mixes
day in and day out on Mercuryserver. It's people like
him who make our community something special
because he is willing to give without expecting to get
something back and this is rare these days


http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/goodies/ms%20team/jenks.jpg (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/goodies/ms%20team/jenks.jpg)

Bryan "Jenks" Jenkins (USA) - Moderator, voice of
reason, DJ and Ambassador of Tech House madness


http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/goodies/ms%20team/kamal.gif (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/goodies/ms%20team/kamal.gif)

Kamal Datta (USA) - Owner/Founder/Administrator -
nothing in our Mercuryserver universe would be there
without him


http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/goodies/ms%20team/MJ.jpg (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/goodies/ms%20team/MusicalJourney.jpg)

Mike "MJ" Storey (England) - Moderator on
Mercuryserver and head of MJWebhosting



Tom "TomTom" Bayer (Germany) - Owner and
Administrator of Mercuryserver and MCast

(PS: Since Tom made this post, he obviously has
not written anything about himself so I'll update it.
Without Tom's help, we would be no where of late.
Technically (in the admin panel of vBulletin),
financially and as a mentor to me. Hats off to you
mate - Kamal)

Mercuryserver supporters:

chunky (promo and recommendations forum moderation)
fabric8 (promo and recommendations forum moderation)
ribbario (promo and recommendations forum moderation)
kassios (Kiss100 tracklistings and Archives)
simonr (Transition writeups)
thebanned1 (recording and hosting the Kiss100 Transitions show)

Team MCast:


James “toasty” Rosemergy (USA) - Planning, executing and
MCast promotion



Lory “Shiva” Gomitoni (Lebanon) - Show host
of the Preserve the Essence show on MCast, always looking
for additions to our Portfolio of DJs


Matt "FM" Feato (USA) - Show host of the A
Journey Into Sound show on MCast and managing



Panagiotis "Panoulix" Papadopoulus (Greece) - Show host of the
Terminal Velocity show on MCast, setting up MCast shows and
communication with the DJs

Sadly no longer with us but he shall never be forgotten:
The one and only Mr. Steve "Jibgolly" James
Rest in Piece mate