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  • Re: Mercuryserver 8th birthday

    It has become a nice tradition to celebrate our birthday with the reason why we exist….Electronic Dance Music. To follow the tradition, we are going to spoil you with gems also in 2010. We have a brand new and exclusive mix from Hernan Cattaneo for your aural pleasure and we also have three premieres on Mercuryserver this Year in our bag. I am more than happy to announce that this year’s lineup will be completed from true DJ and producer legends with a long and vivid musical history: Nick Warren, Jody Wisternoff and Chris Fortier.

    Chris was nice enough to send us two mixes. A very recent one from WMC last month and a classic mix from 1992..blast from the past. The classic mix was the first of what has become Chris' series of monthly promo tapes. It was recorded when his residency started @ Marz just after Aahz closed. Peak records was a record shop from a friend of Chris and they gave away these tapes to customers. Hope you like the trip back to the 90ties.

    Hernan Cattaneo

    Download Hernan’s Mercuryserver 8th anniversary mix here: Click me

    Nick Warren

    Download Nick’s Mercuryserver 8th anniversary mix here: Click me

    Jody Wisternoff

    Download Jody’s Mercuryserver 8th anniversary mix here: Click me

    Chris Fortier

    Download Chris’ Mercuryserver 8th anniversary mix (from WMC 2010) here: Click me

    Download Chris’ Mercuryserver 8th anniversary mix (1992 mix tape side a) here: Click me

    Download Chris’ Mercuryserver 8th anniversary mix (1992 mix tape side b) here: Click me
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Mercuryserver 8th birthday started by TomTom View original post
    Comments 63 Comments
    1. AchtungBaby!'s Avatar
      AchtungBaby! -
      Happy Bday MS !!!!!
    1. davetlv's Avatar
      davetlv -
      How quickly a years goes by!

      יום הולדת שמח לכולכם

      Happy birthday to you all!
    1. rewing3's Avatar
      rewing3 -
      Wow, Happy B-day. Thanks for the mixes as well.
    1. And1's Avatar
      And1 -

      thanks for the mixes anyway
    1. pr0ficient's Avatar
      pr0ficient -
      wow, big thanks to everyone involved in making this happen!!
    1. D.Williams's Avatar
      D.Williams -
      I would not be complete with out you MS.... This is the best gift ever...

      Thank you so much,
      Dustin Williams
    1. unkle's Avatar
      unkle -
      Happy Bday !!!!!!!!!! Many many thanks.
    1. simonr's Avatar
      simonr -
      Happy B-day ... my, how the years fly by

      Awesome range of mixes.
    1. lendetomp's Avatar
      lendetomp -
      Wicked!!! thanks to everyone involved in this, just shows how good this site really is!!!
    1. kattabb's Avatar
      kattabb -
      Thank You / L.O.V.E.
    1. thezzapper's Avatar
      thezzapper -
      happy birthday, mercury server. i wish you many, many more!!
    1. stephen028's Avatar
      stephen028 -
      Happy Birthday MS!, You couldn't ask for a better line-up. BEST MUSIC FORUM ON THE WEB!!!
    1. DIDI's Avatar
      DIDI -

      But yeah, I thought Argentina as well
    1. trick12's Avatar
      trick12 -
      that is awesome
    1. darktribal's Avatar
      darktribal -
      Huge thanks!!
    1. pipey's Avatar
      pipey -
      you fucking legends.

      happy birthday to us!

      i love you guys!
    1. zigh0's Avatar
      zigh0 -
      this is hugeeeee....happy birthday MS!
    1. namrevar's Avatar
      namrevar -
      happy birthday
    1. robika's Avatar
      robika -
      awesome mixes! thanks and Happy Birthday MS!
    1. Funky Dredd's Avatar
      Funky Dredd -
      What a line up! Happy Birthday MS!
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