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Artist Biography

Genre: progressive

Panaitescu Razvan's (aka DJ Topo) first contact with electronic music was in 1990 when he started to listen to Prodigy, U 96, 2 Unlimited and Kraftwerk. His love for music soon became an obsession that pushed him to become a DJ. He bought his first vinyl in Italy in 1998 and soon after started playing in an underground club (main and after hours) in Galati, Romania called Mon Caprice, among many others.

DJ Topo loves music with rhythm, and adores songs that make you move. His development has been a dynamic one. Approaching the progressive style he covers the entire spectrum from calm songs to aggressive basslines depending on the location, vibe and the party itself.

Since 2004, after becoming the best DJ from Galati and one of the most popular in Romania, DJ Topo became Resident DJ of Cave, an underground club where you can hear him warming up the crowd for the international talent that swings by the area. He spent much time building relationships and musical bonds with Dj Tarkan , Anthony Pappa , Rick Pier O'Neil ,Scarlett Etienne, Dpen , Sertac Kaya, Snake Sedrick, Federico Epis, David West, Christian Duran, Kintar & Rex, V-Sag, Yvel & Tristan, and Glender, among others. Today, as resident of Pasha in Galati (one of the top clubs in Romania), you can hear his unique style that drives the crowd wild and puts a smile on their faces.

DJ Topo is also a producer and remixer. He signed contracts with 3 labels and he’s waiting to sign with many others.

- Desert Storm / The Style – EP [COMPOSURE RECORDS]
- Rats / Small Car – EP (remixed by S.O.N.)
- SAR Laera – Distraktion (Topo RMX) [Doctormusik ]