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Foremost Poets

Artist Biography

Real Name: Noble John Ali
Monikers: Johnny Dangerous
Genre: Alternative / Funk / House


FOREMOST POETS aka "jOHNNYDANGEROUs" has been reshaping Dance, Funk and Hip-Hop for 20 YEARS. In spite of the Chicago greats, when he was 20 years old, he invented The Deep House Sound through his own blend of future funk & spoken word. In 1990, he released his first underground hit single "Reasons To Be Dismal?" on Nu Groove/SBK Records. A few years later, Johnny dropped the atomic bomb "Problem 13 (I Beat That *itch With A Bat)" in 1993 and orbited into Music infamy. Since then, the name carries great respect in the underground throughout the entire world.

When Johnny's striking voice appeared on his release "Moonraker", he set a new standard for DJs around the world. His legendary accapellas, production, singing styles & remixes are the rave, sending crowds into a hypnotic frenzy. As soon as the needle dropped onto the late 90s with "Please Do Not Be Alarmed", "Do Not Try To Bend the Spoon" & "Its About That Thym (BAR A THYM - KERRI CHANDLER)" - it earned him notoriety in Club circles around the world. Johnny has gone on to display his eclectic production skills in the R&B, and Hip-Hop arenas.

Raised in New Jersey, born in Philadelphia, USA, in 2007 he relocated back to Philadelphia, to assist in a community project called The Arts Garage, which is well known for it's community events, plays, shows & activism. Since then, in 2008 & 09, Johnny joined the team with the Maestro & Grammy winner "LOUIE VEGA" of Vega Records with their Collaborated songs entitled "NEW YORK CITY" & "LONDON ROOTS" keeping the Dance world on edge for what's next to come.

Today, the "FUNKMASTER" continues to innovate while currently dropping some of the wickedest white Label Remixes of Rick James, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Enya, Dr Buzzard, The Peech Boys, San Ilya, Outkast, Jazmina & others yet to match. He currently has singing collaborations with multiple producers & artist for 2010 like Dennis Ferrer, Crystal Waters, Henri Kohn, Quentin Harris & many others.

His most recent collaboration is The HOUSAHOLIX COMPILATION Project featuring Darryl D'bonneau, Stephanie Cooke, Duce Martinez, Lil Dave, Charvoni, Rainy Payne, Sonyae Elise, Susu Bobien, Macjam's (Charles Mcdougald) & others. NO LONGER QUIET ABOUT IT... jOHNNYDANGEROUs, poet, producer, writer, singer, DJ, engineer & now film director is no longer a master in the making; Foremost Poets is shaped, formed in passion & always been the fashion.

"There may be many Johnny Dangerous', but there's only one Foremost Poets".