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Jonathan Lisle

Artist Biography

Genre: Progressive Breaks

Jonathan Lisle is an international DJ based in London. He has been one of the resident's at John Digweed's legendary Bedrock club since 2001 and released a groundbreaking mixing compilation on Bedrock (Original Series 2) in 2005. The majority of the time during this CD at least 3 tracks are playing with a 4th and 5th track layered over the top.

Part of the reason for Jonathan's recognition was his unique mix cd's often having synths being played over 3 or 4 decks mixes. As a result, Digweed and Sasha both said those CDs were some of the best mix cd's they had ever heard.

Jonathan’s tours have taken him to Asia (Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China), Australia, across Europe (inc. Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, Norway, Finland) across the US (inc. LA, New York, San Francisco, N Orleans, Denver, N Carolina) and Argentina (including Pacha in Buenos Aires).

Although Jonathan grew up on hip-hop in the 1980s with artists like BDP, Jungle Brothers and Public Enemy, he started collecting house music in 1989 when he first heard A Guy Called Gerald "Voodoo Ray". He became heavily influenced by the sounds he would hear at the Hacienda, Club Havana and SOAK in the early 90s which then developed into progressive at clubs like Renaissance in Mansfield from 1993.

Jonathan moved away from the pure progressive sound into a more techno based style at the end of 2004. His 4 deck "square brackets" techno mix was aired by Kiss FM in January 2005.

In 2006 DJ magazine approached Jonathan and asked him to do a mix CD to accompany their article called "The Art of Modern Mixing". This article [see link for article] explored the techniques which Jonathan uses when mixing. A supplement to this article can be found below.

After 4 years of an intensive gig schedule, taking in around 18 countries each year, Jonathan decide to take a break from DJing in 2007 to focus on his own productions. Jonathan explains “It occurred to me that I had been buying other peoples records for 19 years and it was high time I made my own. I had to teach myself from scratch so I couldn’t do that and DJ so much at the same time".