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Kasey Taylor

Artist Biography

Real Name: Kasey Taylor
Genre: Progressive House

Kasey Taylor began DJ’ing at the young age of 13 in a little roller disco in the outback of Australia, and has never really looked back since. He is one of Australia’s biggest dance exports, and is now one of the most accomplished and most recognized Dj’s on the global stage. Indeed, you might expect a few results when your celebrating you 25rthyear of Dj’ing, but the truth is that experience and practice will only get you so far and at some stage it takes raw talent to turn the heads of the dance community.

As a DJ, there is very little that Kasey has not done. In the years gone past he has played at almost every big gig in Melbourne and held residencies at every major club of note. In particular, Kasey played an integral role in creating the magic that was the ‘Mansion’. A venue that has gone down in clubbing history as one of the best to ever sit on the planet, with just about every international DJ you could name at the time playing guesting roles there. He has played alongside the likes of Sasha and Digweed to Hernan Cattaneo to Carl Cox, Satoshi Tomiie and almost anyone you can think of. The list is endless. In fact John Digweed was so impressed with Kasey that he twice invited him to play at his Bedrock night in London, which sits in the music industry as one of the greatest clubbing nights ever. He has also supported at all the major festivals in Australia, like the Renaissance and Global Underground festivals, Two Tribes festivals and Summadayze festivals just to name a few. The more recent highlights have been the closing sets at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2008 & 2010, closing set at Voov Festival in Germany 2006, the Labyrinth Festival in Japan, Creamfields Central Europe and many more.

For over a decade now, Kasey has had the luxury of releasing his records on his own well respected label ‘Vapour Recordings’, which he founded in 1997 and is now approaching it’s 100 release in the near future. In the 13 years since Kasey Taylor founded Vapour Recordings, and 7 years since Vapourise, both labels have forged themselves an enviable reputation, not only as a couple of Australia’s leading independent dance labels, but the worlds too. 2008 saw Kasey launch label number 3 titled ‘eVapour8’, and this new adventure is dedicated more towards Techno and Techo House. The 1st release titled ‘Shorkel’ by Miki Litvak & Ido Ophir was featured in the Beatport main top 10 chart for over 6 weeks, while the 2nd release, Avilo – Rubicon was featured on Anthony Pappa’s tripple mix CD – Moments, released in April 2008, and then Fiord’s – Get Up Jude appeared in the Techno top 10 for 2 months. eVapour8 is going strongly and is already approaching it’s 20th release.

In the past, Kasey has collaborated with people like Luke Chable, Greed, Andy Jarrod, Barry Jamieson (currently working as one of Sasha’s programmers), Jon Sutton and Chris Meehan. Returning to the studio after a long absence, Kasey is now back in the rhythm of making music again and is on a roll. He has recently remixed Triangle – Two, GMJ – New Dawn, Avilo’s – Reach, all on Vapour Recordings along with a remix on Flow Records for Anil Chawla, and has also completed loads of new singles and is currently doing many more remixes for the likes of Infusion, Karlos Elizondo, Flow & Zeo and many more, all due out last in the year. 2010 will also see Kasey start to put together his first album due for release late in the year or early 2011.

So what is it about Kasey’s music that has won him the respect of the dance community? If you really want to know, plant your feet on the dance floor for the full duration of a Taylor set. You can talk about programming as Kasey effortlessly and subtlety changes gears from all genres of music, sucking you into his sound scape to a point where you look up all of a sudden and realise you’ve been lost in music for hours - You can talk about his astounding mixing which is so precise that you probably won’t even know whether a track is coming or going -You can talk about the fact that Kasey will be playing records weeks before most, You can talk about the fact that Kasey doesn’t compromise his sound and still remains accessible.

You can talk about a lot of things but at the end of the night it all comes down to one thing: Kasey Taylor has a scary understanding of dance music. He writes it, he plays it, he studies it and he lives it, so if you ever get the chance to go and hear a Kasey Taylor set, enjoy it!

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