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    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday!
  3. His name is not rufi, forget what the video clip said. It's incorrect. His name is Alister Overeem, Strike Force heavy weight champ.

    You do know that Jake shields just beat Dan Henderson in his last fight, no?

    I agree that Silva is the best but Sonnen is a chump and will get his head smashed in against any decent opponent.

    Oh, and when you do find Alister Overeem, be sure to youtube that shit so I can laugh my ass off when he's stomping on your thick head. lol

    Anyway goodluck with you quest..

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    I watched the youtube vid and they say his name is rufi. It's funny that you'd rather talk about crack than anything else.
    As for strike force, jake shields wouldn't get out of the 1st round with c. Sonnen or A. silva. neither would overreem with the top 5 contenders in the UFC.
    And as for me, when I find that dude that kicked a little girl. I will slap the taste of idiocy out of his mouth. You gotta prob with that?
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