Understanding OST and PST Files: Exploring the Basics

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    Understanding OST and PST Files: Exploring the Basics

    What is an OST File?

    An OST file serves as an offline copy of your mailbox data in Microsoft Outlook. It enables you to access your emails, calendar entries, contacts, and other items even when you're not connected to the internet. This local cache ensures that you can continue working on your emails and other data, with changes syncing back to the email server once the connection is reestablished.

    What is a PST File?

    A PST file, on the other hand, is a data file used by Microsoft Outlook to store and manage email data. Unlike OST files, PST files are stored on your local system or a network location, providing direct access to your emails without the need for an active internet connection. This format is particularly useful for creating backups, archiving old emails, and organizing data in a way that suits your preferences.
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