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Thread: Mercuryserver 10th birthday (2012)

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    Re: Happy 10th Birthday Mercuryserver !!!!

    Happy Birthday to everyone that makes this place so special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Happy 10th Birthday Mercuryserver !!!!

    Big Happy B-DAY for [MS]!!!!! This website means so much to me and I thank everyone involved...

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    Addiction started
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    Re: Happy 10th Birthday Mercuryserver !!!!

    Congrats guys. So happy to be a part of this.

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    Re: Happy 10th Birthday Mercuryserver !!!!

    great words!

    happy birthday [MS] !!

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    Re: Happy 10th Birthday Mercuryserver !!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by sbando View Post

    Lovely intro by John.

    Quote Originally Posted by trick12 View Post

    its incredible this track

    told you both in the past : )

    when it was happening
    .. said to my girl :: from where the fuck are coming those Trumpets .. and I was

    the whole
    intro Live _ for me was what a John Digweed GU BsAs would be
    :: his GU sound Updated and just for Buenos Aires

    and I remember
    the thing landing around 21 was superFar with amazingVocalsss

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    Re: Happy 10th Birthday Mercuryserver !!!!

    Wow... 10 years... don't even know what to say... you guys have been incredible. Kamal, TomTom, Picklemonkey. Thank you in not enough. Simon as usual massive write up. Hats off to you mate

    Happy Birthday to the one site I has me hooked for years and never ever fails to suprise. Damn.. add to that a John Digweed special download.... I am stoked Thanks to Hernan, Chris, Darin and NID ... cannot wait to give these a listen. I know these have been rough times with tons of bickering lately but hey lets not forget that we are all here for the music. That is what makes [ms] the best! So yea... as stated before "Onward and Upward"

    Now this is certainly cause for celebrating ... [ms]

    ~ You are what you think you are ~

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    Re: Happy 10th Birthday Mercuryserver !!!!

    Congrats on 10 years MS, looking forward to hearing the mixes :]


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    Re: Happy 10th Birthday Mercuryserver !!!!

    Congrats on 10 years guys! I'm listening to the birthday mixes now...
    4 9 7 23 5 5 4

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    Re: Happy 10th Birthday Mercuryserver !!!!

    10 years.. this is amazing

    Thank you to everyone involved... mods, members.. everyone..

    For another 10 more

    "vision over visibility" Paul Hewson

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    Re: Happy 10th Birthday Mercuryserver !!!!

    I'm so glad to be part of this community. Happy birthday MS, and thanks to all those involved with it.


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    Re: Happy 10th Birthday Mercuryserver !!!!

    Wow 10 years already?
    Happy to have been part of it till now. I´ve met some cool people and even some of my best friends, heard amazing music and been exposed to new artist. All of this because of this place.
    Keep it up MS!! Here's for another 10
    Quiero brincar al agua para caer al cielo

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    Re: Happy 10th Birthday Mercuryserver !!!!

    As one of the less frequent posters...just to say Happy Birthday!

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    Re: Happy 10th Birthday Mercuryserver !!!!

    Is track 03 the one at the 23:20 mark on Hernan's mix? that song is just fucking mental.

    01. Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile - Japanese Snowbell [Sudbeat | SB025]
    02. Android Cartel - Wake up call (Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile Remix) [Subtract Music | SUBTRACT003]
    03. Rodskeez - Urban Reality (Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile Remix) [Sudbeat | SB018]
    04. Cid Inc - Divine (Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile Remix) [Flow Records | Promo]
    05. Raxon - Someday (Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile Remix) [Replug | RPLG022]
    06. Soulfire - Echo Effect (Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile) [Stripped Digital | 002SDLP]
    07. Lonya & Hakimonu - Sea Saw (Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile) [Sudbeat | SB016]
    08. Marc Poppcke - Cosmopolitan (Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile Remix) [Crossfrontier Audio | CFA006]

    Jib says:
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    Quote Originally Posted by ace_dl View Post
    Guys and Gals, I have to hurry/leaving for short-term vacations.
    I won't be back until next Tuesday, so if Get Carter is the correct answer, I would appreciate of someone else posts a new cap for me

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    Re: Happy 10th Birthday Mercuryserver !!!!

    Wow, [ms] is the big [10]! Congratulations, and thanks to all who work so hard to make this place what it is - a perfect hub for a Digweed fanboy like yours truly
    320 requester

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    Re: Happy 10th Birthday Mercuryserver !!!!

    This mix specially recorded for the Mercuryserver 10th anniversary by me Dmitry Tichy)))
    Happy Birthday Mercuryserver!!!

    01. Ormatie - Only (Original Mix) [Hope Recordings]
    02. Ormatie - Only (DAVI Remix) [Hope Recordings]
    03. Ilya Malyuev - Art Nouveau (Eelke Kleijn Remix) [Nueva Digital]
    04. Guy J - High (Original Mix) [Sudbeat Music]
    05. Daso - Rolling For The Mix (Original) [Bedrock Records]
    06. Digital Mess - Open The Box (Original) [Bedrock Records]
    07. Yooj - Mademoiselle (Original Mix) [Monique Musique]
    08. Stimming - Challenge The Air (Original Mix) [KNM]
    09. Piyush Awasthi - Faces (Guy Mantzur Khen Remix) [Lowbit]
    10. Michael A - Come Down From Mars (Original Mix) [Stereofaza]
    11. Burak Yildirim - Acrid Memories (Onur Polat Remix) [Carica Records]

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