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Thread: Random Thoughts

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    Random Thoughts

    I went to a World Market store with a friend today, first time I'd been. It was kind of fun. Lots of wine, which I didn't expect. Some stuff was way over-priced. My friend kept telling me "Cupcake" wine was good. Never heard of it.

    "Cupcake Vineyards wines are luscious, creamy, silky, zesty, intense, elegant, decadent, complex…"

    sounds interesting enough, but I didn't buy any.

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    Re: Random Thoughts

    Have you tried the wine "menage trios?" thats like our go to lately... not expensive, real good wine.

    so I am getting these crazy pop -up adds when I login to MS and go to the forum section. anyone else having this issue? I have a macbook pro and have never had pop ups. Its only when I'm on MS.

    It was fun while it lasted...

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    Re: Random Thoughts

    Weird. No, never saw a pop up add here.

    Menage a trios or ménage à trois?

    Ummmm noooooo, I have never tried that, nor the wine! good huh? okkkkkk
    And you tried it? Good for you FL


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    Re: Random Thoughts

    More to my liking...... but haven't ever


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    Re: Random Thoughts

    Is this an special place only for you two ???

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    Re: Random Thoughts

    It was fun while it lasted...

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    Re: Random Thoughts

    ^^ I would like to try it. Sadly, my husband will never go for it. Guess you lucked out with your wife, you both enjoy the same things.


    am I getting pleasurable things confused?

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    Re: Random Thoughts

    I can't find a protein bar that tastes good and isn't higher in carbs than protein. Why are they 16 g carbs, 16 g fat & 5 g protein and called protein bars? or is that just fine? And Maltitol syrup & polydextrose... guess I have to google all of these ingredients.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Random Thoughts

    Honestly - I'd suggest getting your protein elsewhere - getting your carbs from bars if needed. I like the cliff mojo bars. A quality protein bar is basically just nuts and grains and veggies and stuff, if you want organic, which is the healthy route for protein bars. I'd suggest protein powder - pure pea protein and/or hemp. But that's just me.

    It was fun while it lasted...

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    Re: Random Thoughts

    The healthiest protein bars look like this, and cost $3 each. I'd say pass.

    It was fun while it lasted...

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    Re: Random Thoughts

    are you two still going at it?

    the thread reeks of used condoms and cigarettes.

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    Re: Random Thoughts

    wait....i walked in to the wrong thread thinking it was another thread but titled this thread...fuck??

    This place has changed...

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    Re: Random Thoughts

    Well ya the "random thoughts" name shouldn't really be duplicated. Bad Kiwi!

    It was fun while it lasted...

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    Re: Random Thoughts

    ^^ You going to put her over your knee ??
    Quote Originally Posted by TheVrk View Post
    it IS incredible isn't it??
    STILL pumpin out great set after great set...never cheesed out, never sold out, never lost his touch..
    Simply does not get any better than Hernan
    The 'club spirit' is in the soul. It Never Dies

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    Re: Random Thoughts

    I wasn't sure if they were going to change the original random thoughts thread back to it or not. They could change this one to "Random Food/Drink Thoughts" if they'd rather it not be the same. or whatever works.

    $3 or not, I would buy those bars, they look delicious. I just need something quick/easy for the morning for when I'm sick of just nuts, seeds, etc.

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