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Thread: John Digweed - Bunker Session #27 (07-11-20)

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    Re: John Digweed - Bunker Session #27 (07-11-20)

    Its a mix at the end of the day. Anyone worth their salt knows you listen to them then track down and buy the tracks. Its the best advertisement the artists can get. Most of the tracks would struggle selling 20 without his exposure. So its actually damaging if you ask me.
    Its also all very convenient to be happening now. Waiting for the opportunity.

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    Re: John Digweed - Bunker Session #27 (07-11-20)


    That's complete fucking bollox and you know it is. What a turn coat. Prevent piracy of a track within a mix? Laughable. I'll still buy the record if its any good and the artists will see absolutely fuck all change in their income from making the mixes illegal to download and share apart from a couple of quid here and there at best. I can understand the not sharing the mix straight away due to mixcloud hosting it but a week or so later can fuck off.

    All well and good isn't it mate now youre working with the artists? Reeks of hypocrisy and irony though that does. You yourself and no doubt the fuckers 'working on behalf' of Diggers have spent countless fucking years doing exactly the same as what everyone else does on here but now youre coming on the very place youve done it yourself and see fit to giving us all a lesson in piracy.

    And what about all the countless bootlegs of artists all these fuckers are sampling, playing and stealing illegally on a weekly basis? Its inherent to the industry. Is diggers going to cough up to Led Zep for playing Quivvers Booty of Babe im gonna leave you for a couple of years? All the gigs he played that at getting paid to do so. Is John Graham going to send them their cut after selling the 12's for 20 quid a throw at 3beat? Are Plant and Page getting their royalties back dated? I can list countless, yes countless bootleg records Diggers has played with none of those artists getting a cent while he's busy earning 30k plus a gig. Hypocrisy at its worst. When it suits. Maybe he's forgetting this?

    Your tune has well and truly changed quick smart. An industry glove puppet. Tantamount to be a labourite and jumping ship to the Tories and pissing on the pleasure for everyone else.

    Mixed messages (Ala Tory) 'If you have to rip the mixes and share them on here downgrade them' Or 'You cant rip and file share on here anymore'. Which one is it?

    Keep mix sharing underground. Just create groups and share via pm or through a private site. No one will even fucking notice the difference. Piracy my bollox. Opportunist money grabbing is what it is. Implemented using the thin veil of a pandemic as an excuse. I'll reiterate what I said the in the other post - Diggers playing tracks in a mix, his or anyone else's, is the best form of advertising they could possibly hope for. And ill carry on supporting the artists who make great tracks by purchasing them off the correct outlets and continue to support diggers by buying his mix CDs and paying to watch him live playing other people's records. (If I ever get out again)

    Quote Originally Posted by simonr View Post
    Hi everyone

    My understanding is this was part of a batch of music taken down - the main aim was to prevent piracy especially with Bedrock releases, because the label supports artists especially during this difficult time. Artists get a % of sales and the illegal file sharing really impacts that revenue stream to the producers making the music, and labels that support graphic designers, engineers mastering tracks etc.

    Mixcloud is the official way to get and support the Bunkers - that starts the conversation regarding paying for streams and starts to try and get revenue going to artists and labels. Plus you can hear this for free as a live broadcast on a Saturday night in the first place.

    I appreciate people collect and want physical copies on drives but please do what you can do support the makers of the music. If other platforms start to follow suite then more and more goes to the creators of the music we all love to hear.

    If you are ripping and sharing the sets can I suggest a few things - keep the quality to 320 (not even sure you can create a higher quality file based on the original stream as the additional elements won't have been in the source) and can you only have the files up temporarily. The last thing needed is someone saying they have HQ bunkers and then selling pirate box sets across the internet with the finger pointed at [ms]

    Also if you like the music - buy some of the tracks to compensate on the likes of Bandcamp so the artists and labels get some revenue. I know a lot are struggling right now, and even those that have decided to re-train are struggling given the employment challenge globally with limited work out there.

    John, I know appreciates the support and sense of community. If you read the words and sentiment here then this better explains his views far better than I can try to convey:

    So if you do put up any more Bunker in the spirit of 'live and let live' then please do this short term, discretely ... and please, please, please support the makers of the music somehow via bandcamp etc. where you can - appreciating these are trying and testing times for everyone financially.
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    Re: John Digweed - Bunker Session #27 (07-11-20)


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    Re: John Digweed - Bunker Session #27 (07-11-20)

    Let's not get drawn into some chin stroking pontification. We're fans. I know where I stand. This isn't so much about pirating — it's collecting. I buy every Digweed compilation and owned his Bedrock tshirts. I caught every gig I flew halfway round the world for Bedrock. If these Bunkers get released, I'd buy them too.


    Quote Originally Posted by Hoff View Post
    a powerful and insane mothership that occasionally comes commanded by the real ones .. then suck us and makes us appear in the most magical of all lands
    Quote Originally Posted by m1sT3rL View Post
    Oh. My. God. James absolutely obliterated the island tonight. The last time there was so much destruction, Obi Wan Kenobi had to take a seat on the Falcon after the Death Star said "hi and bye" to Leia's homeworld.

    I got pics and video. But I will upload them in the morning. I need to smoke this nice phat joint and just close my eyes and replay the amazingness in my head.

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    Re: John Digweed - Bunker Session #27 (07-11-20)

    If he starts adding old and rare live sets then subscribing will be a must, at present the offer doesn't justify 5 euro a month.
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    Re: John Digweed - Bunker Session #27 (07-11-20)

    Love you Dermo, never change.

    This release was mastered direct from vinyl at the request of the DJ and as such features natural sound characteristics of this medium such as record surface noise.

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    Re: John Digweed - Bunker Session #27 (07-11-20)

    Quote Originally Posted by Dhar_2 View Post
    The radio station/webcast should pay the royalties based on the number of assumed listeners.
    Once it is free, you have no control over it. It is not a physical thing like a CD.
    People make money from downloads too.

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    Re: John Digweed - Bunker Session #27 (07-11-20)

    knew this would happen and thank fuck it has.


    oh how the mighty have fallen

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    Re: John Digweed - Bunker Session #27 (07-11-20)

    Ok so back to the music for those of us lucky enough to have heard Bunker 27....I'm about an hour in and wow...excellent music and I've never heard Digweed play so many breaks.

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    Re: John Digweed - Bunker Session #27 (07-11-20)

    Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't MS started specifically to host Digweed's Kiss 100 mixes.

    I started on MS back in the pretty early days (before the big 2004 MS crash) and you actually had to have a password to DL the kiss mixes.

    The other thing I dont get is that Digs has started including more and more voiceovers on the bunker mixes so what is the harm in sharing these. We are not chopping them up and using them in dj sets. LOL.

    And like others said most of us dl the set, find the tracks we like and then buy the tracks from the artists....if anything we are helping the artists make MORE $$

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    Re: John Digweed - Bunker Session #27 (07-11-20)

    Fuck me, this mix is really, absolutely excellent in all the areas that impact me the most. Programming, track selection, layering,'s perfection. This really might be his most interesting one so far.

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    Re: John Digweed - Bunker Session #27 (07-11-20)

    So all there's left is a lossy stream on mixcloud with voice overs we have to pay for?
    I think I'm going to pass on this one.

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    Re: John Digweed - Bunker Session #27 (07-11-20)

    Lucan made some serious points.

    Anyway, I did enjoy the breaks oriented section of this - really excellent session. Also, unless I missed it big time, this is the first bunker that he hasn't actually talked during. Plenty of voiceovers, but no message. Kind of missed it...
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    Re: John Digweed - Bunker Session #27 (07-11-20)

    Okay, I'm getting bombarded by people asking me to put up FLAC links for, well, pretty much every Bunker set. Sorry I haven't replied to everyone individually. Also sorry, but I have no interest in doing this. I prefer torrenting on private sites to keeping an eye on links that go dead every 5 minutes and advertising the fact of what I am doing to all and sundry. Unfortunately the DMCA threat has scared off the torrent sites too, so that's no longer an option either.

    I haven't used Soulseek much for many years, but I do have that installed (I think), so I am considering moving them all over to there and sharing them that way for those that want them. Let me know if there would be any interest in me doing that and I will get something organised.

    Feck knows what happens with future Bunkers, as I've no idea how Mood was capturing the Mixcloud streams. Otherwise I'd give that a go myself too. Think we just have to treat them like a club set. Enjoy the experience but accept no one recorded it, and if the DJ did, they are firmly under lock and key until they get used for a radio show or summat.

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    Re: John Digweed - Bunker Session #27 (07-11-20)

    Simon did say he is OK with posting 320 mp3 links but only have them up for a limited time and not available forever. i have soulseek installed as well, so yes another option. i think at the very least, there will still be 128 mp3's out there.
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