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Thread: Biden - Pros vs Cons

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    Biden - Pros vs Cons

    These are merely opinions

    Pros -

    Non charismatic, Ego is in the right place experienced, friends with Mitch & Lindsey and I’m sure many others (bipartisanship),
    can get things done, was born into a relatively normal and big family (not uber privileged upbringing).
    Can bring respectability back to US internationally. Seems plenty tough. Seems to be driven by his principles, something
    society seems short on lately. Moderately minded. Not a tweetaholic, not high on his own branding.

    Cons -

    Older (but with age comes wisdom so not sure yet if con), experienced politician (has ability to say what
    society wants to hear), non charismatic - he won’t win any entertainment awards.

    It was fun while it lasted...

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    Re: Biden - Pros vs Cons

    Doesnt golf
    Has served and has sons who have served

    Way older. his speech has already deteriorated a bit over the last 5 years
    "pics or stfu" - R.I.P. Steve "Jibgolly" James

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    Re: Biden - Pros vs Cons

    Hasn't tweeted bullshit and isn't married to a pole greaser.

    Jib says:
    he isnt worth the water that splashes up into your asshole while you're shitting
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    I won't be back until next Tuesday, so if Get Carter is the correct answer, I would appreciate of someone else posts a new cap for me

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    Re: Biden - Pros vs Cons

    We really gotta add "like" or "rep points" back
    Back when a club was a club full of dancers and dove's.

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