Ok let me try to explain the situation first, to clarify any confusion.

Ever since session #21 became titled #20 on Mixcloud (6 months ago), Harry has always numbered his weekly show 1 number behind what actually the session was, eg. #44 was actually #45 etc. Anyway, so when Harry decided to do TWO sets in one week; his normal set on Wednesday 5th May, was followed by...

An ad-lib special Sunday afternoon stream.
No playlist, just a selection of great progressive house records form the early 2000's.
This set Harry has called #45, which in actual fact is #46 (strictly speaking) but for whatever reason wasn't posted on here. Meaning the 1 number "out-of-sequence" was fixed as posts now align numerically with Harry's videos on YT.

However, for sake of completeness, I'm uploading this missing set. It doesn't match #45 or #46 that have been posted already. It also appears Harry is posting his shows to YT now, instead of Mixcloud, and the numbering of sets aligns with what's being posted in Promo's and Recommendations again, finally!

So without further ado...
Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rd02j5jobqe56d7/

Pole Folder & CP - Dust
Raff N Freddy - Deep Progress
Quivver - Reddies
PQM featuring Cica - The Flying Song (Markus Schultz' Renaissance Dub)
Sleepfeaks - Chemical Shift
Circulation - Turqoise
12th Street - Brain Damage
Hamel - Close
The Aloof - Favelas (Free City Mix)
Halogen - Charged
Peace Division presents Dark Daze - Feel My Drums
DJ 19 - I.C. (Piece Process Mix)
Amnesia - My Memory Is Back
Insight - Prophecy 2003 (Innate & Moore Dub)
Groove Juice featuring Yamil Thian - Back To Africa (Little Green Men Remix)
Evolution - Crocodile Man
Slacker - Scared (Of Tomorrow)
James Holden - One For You
Soul Penetrator AKA Richie Santana - Tribal Pleasures
Duran & Aytek - Searching (Wrecked Angle Mix)
Chemical Brothers - Africa
2Raumwohnung - Freie Liebe (Panoramabar Remix)
Sattva - Echo Of Silence (Way Out West Remix)
Underworld - Rez (Bedrock Mix)
Moonbeam - Raven Gypsy
Mike Vandenberg - Spooky (Lemon8 Inner Sanctuary Remix)
Lemon8 - Lose Control (Original Mix)