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Thread: Limacon - Resonant Vibes Podcast 018

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    Limacon - Resonant Vibes Podcast 018

    Description/interview/download link available at this link.

    It’s an interesting spin on the developing West Coast techno sound which, to me, seems to have it’s roots in deep house before being sprinkled with a hint of late 90’s progressive and given a twist of fresh minimal-techyness

    Tini “That’s Right” (Desolat)
    Rene Breitbarth “Freshin’ Up” (Mina Records)
    Chris Lattner “Sick” (Fear Of Flying)
    Giuseppe Cennamo “Rules Of Life” (8Bit)
    Lusine “Every Disguise” (Ghostly International)
    Milton Jackson “You Don’t Know-Dub” (Tronicsole)
    GummiHz “Bang” (Mobilee Records)
    Limacon “Labels-Dub Bump” (Thoughtless Music)
    Audiofly “Formula Juan” (8Bit)
    Anthea, Alex Celler “Down With G.O.D.-DJ Sneak’s What Up D.O.G. Dub Mix”
    (Tuning Spork)
    with/ DJ Sneak “Dancin Therapy-Sneaks Naughty Mix” (Classic Recordings)
    Hermanez, Massimo Girardi “22.22″ (Monique Musique)
    youANDme “It’s Just” (Polymorph)
    David Squillance feat. Michele Tabucchi “One Lobster, Please-Matthias Kaden’s
    Gambass Remix” (SCI+TEC Digital)
    Limacon “Which One” (Thoughtless Music)
    Solead feat. Guet “Lili” (Tree Hand Music)
    Limacon “Tarry Not” (Thoughtless Music)
    Audio Werner “Trust” (Hartchef Discos)
    with/ Rene Breitbarth “More Doris” (Deep Data)

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    Re: Limacon - Resonant Vibes Podcast 018

    Just got around to listening to this. Worth it for the 2 Limacon tracks, "Labels-Dub Bump" and "Which One" alone, along with the minimal housy quirkiness of Audio Werner's "Trust."

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