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August 14, 2013, 06:25:18 PM
RUBI (R-Tres NYC) TOUCH THE MUSIC [RUBI's Brooklyn Night Mix] 8/08/2013

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http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g274/djrubi73nyc/TOUCH_THE_MUSIC_8_07_13.jpg (http://s58.photobucket.com/user/djrubi73nyc/media/TOUCH_THE_MUSIC_8_07_13.jpg.html)

1. Stay As You Are (You Are My Star) - The Ananda Project
2. Broken Dreams (Ft. Aisling Stephenson-Souled Remix) - Ceramic
3. Oh Well (Re-Jazz Mix) - Bah Samba
4. The Waters In My Eyes (Julu Sound Floor Remix) - Imaani Brown
5. Falling (Quentin Harris Vocal) - Nathan Adams
6. Be (Atjazz (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=547) & Jullian Gomes Remix) - ft. Zaki Ibrahim, Kid Fonque
7. Beautiful (Pirahnahead's Epiphany Mix) - ft. Mona Bode, Dj AQBT
8. Girlfriend (Main mix) - Ivanunknown
9. Something New (feat. Botshelo Huma) [Oral Deep Remix] - Nkokhi
10. Falling (Main Mix) - B&G Crew Ft. St. Bongs
11. Breaking The Spell - Nick Holder (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=551)
12. Mind Ur Step (Original Mix) - Dennis Ferrer (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=431), Janelle Kroll
13. Tbt3 (Original Mix) - Rocco
14. Afro Shine - The Mixman
15. Adagio For Drums (De Rivera & Rivas The Slave Mix) - Pablo Ceballos (http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/djdb.php?id=1548)
16. Cristo Redentor (Main Mix) - Marlon D