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June 7, 2007, 03:28:39 AM

after a long wait, MercuryRising is back with a fresh mix from me and fresh guest for your ears!

serving up the first guest mix for the new chapter in MercuryRising is San Francisco based dj Nick Williams.
i am very excited about this mix, he brings a unique flavor.



This mix was made with loops and edits of some of the music that has been inspiring me over the past couple months. The weather is turning for the better… the days are growing longer, the sun is out, and everything seems to be a bit brighter. This mix is really for everyone…perfect music to chill and socialize with, yet interesting enough for even the closest of listens. A mix for the beach, the plane, the train, the automobile… hell, even on foot. 25 tracks influenced from dub, minimal, tech, and deep house, all weaved together seamlessly in a 76 minute montage that flows from the first beat to the last. Slap it on your iPods, ‘cus spring has officially sprung.

nick williams -

Das Kraftfuttermischwerk – Falling Down [thinner netlabel]
Cantoma – The Call (Banzai Republic Remix) [quango]
Jesse Rose & Henrik Schwarz – Stop, Look, Listen (Henrik’s Version) [front room recordings]
From P60 – Human Things [king street sounds]
Dan Diamond – Therapy (accapella) [peepshow]
Murat ?zer – Yip [connect four]
Terry Lee Brown Jr. – Chatterbox [plastic city]
Lee Humphreys – Right On (Dubb Cutz Warehouse Remix) [conditional records]
Audiodrome – LA Rock [4four netlabel]
Matzak – Girl In Water (Dan Berkson & James What Remix) [boxer recordings]
Polder – Numbgum [remote area records]
Faktor-X - Don’t Tell Her [stupendous]
Lee Burridge & Andy Page – Do You Smoke Pot? [almost anonymous]
Terry Lee Brown Jr. – Our Rhythm (Mattias Tanzmann Remix) [plastic city]
Presslaboys – OOO4 [presslaboys]
Evolent – Perpetuum Mobile [outside the box music]
Dan Berkson – Circuits [crosstown rebels]
UNKLE – Burn My Shadow (Dan F Remix) [surrender all]
Tanzmann & Stefanik – Basic Needs [moon harbor]
Alexkid feat. Liset Aleah – Nightshade (Gomez Edit) [f communications]
Justin Martin – The Fugitive [buzzin’ fly]
Trevor Flynn – Switch [positive energy]
Coldfish – Alta Momenta [arctic wave]
2XR – Missing Channel (Kalle M Remix) [wordless productions]
Daso – La Fee Verte [connoisseur recordings]

a lot of you have faithfully waited for this new mix from me, i hope it lives up to your expectations. i did this back in february, but wasnt happy with it then, over time it grew on me and here it is.

Steve James - MercuryRising 001 on MCast (June 2007) (http://www.archive1.mercuryserver.com/stevejames/download.php?file=2007-06_Mercuryrising_001_on_MCast_-_Steve_James.mp3)

01. Dan Curtin Synaptic [Klang]
02. Touane - Fahrrad Control [Persona]
03. Chris Carter & Fine Cut Bodies - Frogmarch (Dub) [Record]
04. The Model - Posh Pattern (Original Mix) [Underline]
05. Dubstar - Back To Back [Plastic City]
06. Someone Else & Miskate - Ernie Says Yeah [Wit]
07. Segeke - Trebuchet On My Brain [Geometricdeck]
08. Pablo Akaros - Celofans [Karmarouge]
09. Mathias Kaden - Circle Pit [Vakant]
10. Barem - Word Soup [Pariter]
11. Apoll - Double Butt (Apoll’s Original Thoughts Mix) [Neopren]
12. A. Vivanco - Pop Soda [Kahlwild]
13. Kane Roth - De Click [Neopren]
14. Dolby - Unknown
15. Mike Shannon - Espirit D’Escalier [Num]
16. Guy J - Boxing Day [Proton]
17. Joltask - Semester [Welovetomerge]

June 7, 2007, 02:24:29 PM
lots of blips, bleeps and erratic noises. not what i expected, but it was entertaining.

jeffrey collins
June 7, 2007, 04:36:03 PM
Get Nick to get your ass a tracklist ASAP!!!!! I want to buy me some of those tracks. Good groovy house music...he's gotta be into Desyn.

Steve, wasn't able to get into your mix until around 29 minutes into it. When It got a bit more housy. It's very techy. I can tell you've slowed down in your sets too. This is a lot slower than the last mix I heard from you.

Keep progressing bro!!!:)

June 7, 2007, 10:47:22 PM
if we dont try new things we dont progress right. even if we dont play progressive music. :D

June 7, 2007, 11:38:53 PM
lots of blips, bleeps and erratic noises. not what i expected, but it was entertaining.

c'mon dude you even know me personally. you gotta know im gonna try new things.

June 8, 2007, 10:55:06 AM
slowing down bpm could also be termed progressing


im guessing these mixes are both over an hour in length as well!?!??!?

jeffrey collins
June 8, 2007, 03:51:29 PM
steves is like almost 80 minutes, perfect for a cd burning.

keep on progressing. for if we don't progress...we regress. And that's not very good.